Hello…it’s me

One and a half years ago, I wrote my previous blog post.


Time has gone by.

It’s not that something remarkable or life-shattering happened to make me stop blogging. Other than life itself, I guess. I think I just reached that point I originally doubted would ever come…I had to look at my priorities, and this blog didn’t fit them at the time. I was just about to take my second state exams, got engaged just about ten days after that ominous “last” blog post, proceeded to plan my wedding(s) (state and church wedding) and finally, was transferred to a school 350 km away from my now-husband. I moved to said school, suddenly working full-time, suffering from terrible homesickness and a general discontent with my life and the school there. Oh, and I’m pregnant. Which brought on its own set of issues, especially concerning my jobs…but let’s not get into that (just yet!?).

Strange, that I would give up blogging. Nothing much happened.

Honestly, I haven’t come up with a recipe of my own in one and a half years. It’s not that I no longer enjoy cooking, but testing and coming up with ideas isn’t so exciting anymore. I love making recipes by my favourite bloggers, but really, I feel like I can’t contribute anything new.

What is to become of this blog, then? I have no idea. I do miss blogging sometimes, I really enjoyed it for one and a half years; it “carried” me through my first state exam and my first year of teacher’s training, it was my favourite hobby. I don’t know what to write about now, I guess that’s the issue. I feel like most of my thoughts or the events that take place in my life need to censored, at least up to a point…in part because I’m working for the state and who knows if the big boss is searching the web for blogs of teachers who actively denounce their power or decision-making?

Sharing great insight into my pregnancy is something I also feel like a) is very private and b) there are just. so. many. pregnancy. blogs. Really, there’s nothing “new”.

Does it have to be new, you ask? I don’t know. I think the reason people read blogs is a) because they are interested in the blogger, meaning they probably know them personally and the likelihood that they’ll already basically know everything the blogger writes is pretty high, and b) the topics the blogger discusses seem interesting.

So, you see my dilemna. I feel like writing, but I don’t know what about. My life seems pretty bland these days – in the best way. I am thoroughly enjoying being slowed down and I think I desparately needed it. But there is a sense of loss-of-purpose that comes with it, which I have no idea (yet) how I am going to fill.

The purpose of this blogpost? Don’t know if there is one. I think I might just be trying to get back into the feel of it and see if I still like it. Maybe I’ll just go back to sharing what I eat in a day tomorrow, or start recipe testing.

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after one and a half years you’d like to meet. And help me figure out what the heck I’m (going to be) doing with this blog.

My future.

I plan everything, all the time. From the time I plan on waking up to when I water the plants in my apartment…spontaneity isn’t one of my strong points.

So it probably comes as no surprise that being told last week that us teacher trainees should start applying for jobs over Christmas jump started that part of my brain that needs to plan everything. And the moment I came home on Wednesday, I sat down and read through  everything I could possibly need to know about applying. The control freak is having a party in my head, guys.

And as I went to bed on Wednesday, I felt pretty utterly despaired. I always knew that getting a job as a teacher would be rough, as openings are controlled by the state and not the schools themselves, which means I could potentially get a job far, far from home. But I have been able to push those fears away as being “future problems” for quite a while. Turns out the future has become present, and here I am.

I went to bed and was just falling asleep when I thought of something.

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Vegan Caramel Chocolate

There are times when I really miss dairy things. Yogurt was way up there for a while, but then I discovered sheep’s milk yogurt and that problem was solved. So now it’s more of the subtle dairy things, like cream cheese frosting or real Italian icecream or caramel sauce. All those contain a lot of refined sugar which I rarely eat, so they are likely to be too sweet for me even if I could have them.

Which is why I thought I’d at least fix my occasional craving for caramel by making a homemade, dairy free and therefor vegan caramel chocolate bar. You’re welcome, world.

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Creamy Coconut Milk Porridge

I’m in a mood. My boyfriend says I’m feeling the November rain – whatever that means. It has been raining a lot this past week, and it has been quite grey and icky outside, but I don’t know if that’s it.

I just don’t feel well. I’m not ill, but somehow my body’s hurting and I’m extremely tired and I feel as icky as the weather is. Oh, and my knee hurts. And did I mention my nails keep chipping?

Told ya. I’m in a mood.

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What I have been eating: School Struggles

When I set out to be a teacher, I expected a lot. I expected there to be difficult students, difficult mentors, difficult tests, difficult preparation. And I was right about all that, even if I dare say I have managed to get through it all more or less unscathed until now.

What I didn’t expect was that being a teacher means finding a new eating routine. I didn’t have as much trouble last year because I had quite a few lessons inbetween the ones I taught where I could decide for myself how to spend it (which means I could eat pretty much whenever I wanted to). But, this year, having lessons all morning when I’m at school, I just can’t catch a breath to actually eat something. I’m not big on scarfing things down, so I basically just eat nothing all morning. Which is fine, as, luckily, I am big on eating breakfast.

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The Importance of Slowing Down

I was looking through my phone the other day and found some pictures I took at the school I taught at last year. I was doing a project in one of my classes and took pictures of the students to document it.

I saw the pictures and my heart started throbbing. That happens every time I think back to last school year. My heart is still so full when I remember everything that happened.

When I started teaching at a new school (which happens to be in my hometown) this school year, I had zero idea about what it would be like. Being able to teach at a school and still live at home with my boyfriend came at a high emotional price and I felt far from euphoric when the school year started.

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Rosemary Roasted Vegetables

I had the great idea of doing a freeletics workout this summer. I tried to get into it, but I would be lying if I said I actually enjoyed it. I was usually glad when they’re over and I’m a tad embarrassed that I felt that way doing the “Endurance” level, which is the easiest level. As in, I’m not even doing burpess, but sprawls, and had an incredibly hard time while doing so. And here I thought I was actually sort of “fit”.

Doing freeletics is one thing, but doing it when it’s 35°C outside is another. It was so incredibly hot this summer and for some reason I just get really crabby when it’s too hot. know, I should be stoked, but, I don’t know, it just makes me feel all icky and sweaty and puffed up, for whatever reason.

Now it’s getting colder and I am starting to crave a little warmth again. I guess there’s really no way to be satisfied with weather, is there?

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Product Review: Glutenfree Goodies

I got the coolest present for my birthday: my mom is giving me a selection of new foodie products throughout the next year, sort of like those “foodist box”-orders you can make. Only much cooler, as there is a LOT more stuff coming my way and it’s carefully picked out according to my personal dietary needs. Did I mention my mom rocks?

Anyhow, that’s why I’m sharing yet another product review with you, and I have a feeling there will be quite a few of these coming at you. Not all of today’s products are from the birthday present, but all of them are glutenfree, which is why I titled these “Glutenfree Goodies”. Duh.

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Peanutbutter & Jelly French Toast

I woke up today realizing I still had a few days off before school starts and that I’ve been doing it all wrong. I have been trying to get into a sort of habit all week, “preparing” myself for going back to school. But it just doesn’t work without the structure a typical work day provides. Which is always tough for me, because for me habits and structures is probably the most important thing in life.

I figure, however, that I should really be enjoying my final days of summer break without that feeling of having to do something in the back of my mind, without the giddy stressfulness of starting at a new school, without the utter exhaustion that is bound to come. I just don’t do well with relaxation. It’s super weird, I know, and I really don’t know what’s wrong with me concerning that, but I feel like I function so much better when I have a lot to do.

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Glutenfree Rainbow Hummus Tacos

I’m in a mood. Seriously. I don’t even know how my boyfriend is dealing with me today. I’m feeling so incredibly crabby that I can’t even be bothered to think about how to get out of it. It may have something to do with the fact that I am fed up with feeling this tired. I go to bed super early, wake up after 8-10 hours of perfect sleep and feel exhausted and less than motivated. I just have no idea what’s going on there.
At first, I thought it was just because I’ve had a very tireing year. But that school year ended almost 6 weeks ago and I don’t understand why I feel so depleted at the end of my summer break. Any ideas?

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