The First Hit and Chocolate Whipped Cream Ready To Spoon Out Of The Bowl

Starting another foody blog may seem like a pretty superfluous idea, and the more I think about it, the less I know if I will ever launch this thing…however, if you are reading this, it means I got over myself and actually took the leap. I’ve been told that I spend way too much time in my kitchen, cooking up strange new recipes and overwhelming my family with baked goods and various bread spreads. Why in the world that would be a problem beats me – but I guess that goes back to me having an eating disorder way back when, resulting in my family understandibly fearing any seemingly too obssessive food activity. To calm those of you who may now think I am a psychoblogger trying to get over my issues: there will be none of that, I simply want to share my happiness-inducing food stories, recipes, and pictures, while rambling on about life. Sounds fair enough, right?

Oh, one more thing: I have recently found out about my lactose-intolerance and wheat-gluten-allergy, which is another reason I have been poring over vegan blogs, trying to find yummy things that I am allowed to eat. Granted, it could be much worse, at least I only have a wheat-gluten-allergy, so I can still have other cereals, but still, with a boyfriend who loves all things bread, burger and pizza, it has been a bit tough.

However, let’s talk about the first recipe of this awesome blog – explaining the name “hitbycoconuts”, as I am sure you all (and yes, I am assuming that there is an “all”, and not just one person reading this – how presumptuous, I know) have been wondering about that. I have always loved coconut, which may partially be due to the fact that I grew up in Tanzania and was surrounded by them, and I love cooking asian food, which almost always involves coconutmilk or coconut oil. For those of you who hate coconut – don’t worry, I am sure you’ll find recipes without coconut as we tag along.

So the other day I was cruising through one of my favorite blogsites Oh She Glows, and found an awesome recipe to make coconut whipped cream. Today, I modified this recipe, seeing as I have been craving something chocolatey since I went to bed last night, to make Chocolate Whipped Cream Ready To Spoon Out Of The Bowl. The irony is that my sister used to make a similar recipe with normal cream when she was younger, mixing it with molten chocolate, and I never understood the fascination with it – making it with coconut milk just makes it better.

In order to make coconut whipped cream, you need a can of coconut milk, refrigerated over night so that the cream separates from the water. The first time I tried this, it didn’t seperate, but, nevertheless, it worked – so kudos to me! The second time, in other words today, I took the can I put in the fridge a couple of days ago, and the milk had actually separated! Yay! So I poured out the coconut water, saving it for making a mango-coconut-smoothie (perhaps tomorrow morning!!!), and scooped out half of the hardened coconut cream. It would already taste amazing if you just ate it out of the can, but I whipped it up and added pure cacao powder and a bit of maple syrup for sweetening: and alas, I had a perfectly creamy chocolate-coconut-mousse that stilled my chocolate craving!

Okay, I won’t keep the recipe from you any longer:

Chocolate Whipped Cream Ready To Spoon Out Of The Bowl

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 can refrigerated coconut milk (preferably the “Bamboo Garden” brand)
  • 3 teaspoons unsweetened cacao
  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup (or other sweetener)


1. Pour out the coconut water from the refrigerated coconut milk can.

2. Scoop out half of the cream and place in a bowl.

3. Whip and add cacao and maple syrup (you may need more than 2 teaspoons if you like it very sweet), and continue whipping until you have the desired consistency.

4. Devour!!!


2015-08-31 19.52.12

Sadly, it was so temptingly good that I didn’t manage to take a picture before I had eaten it all. If I make it again, I will definitely post a picture (if, and that’s a big IF, I can muster more self-control next time!).

Update: The pictures are from the second time I made this dish – and I managed to take pictures this time.

2015-08-31 19.54.54 2015-08-31 19.56.54

2015-08-31 19.57.00

If you are wondering what to do with the left-over “coconut water” from the can of coconut milk, I suggest making a coconut slushie by blending together the coconut water, 1 Tbs. of maple syrup and some ground vanilla (recipe adapted from detoxinista’s almond milk slushie), and then topping that slushie with whipped chocolate coconut cream…mind blowing, I know!

2015-08-31 20.03.23

It’s even more decadent if you put some freezer fudge on top!

2015-08-31 20.04.09

Yup, that happenend the other day. It was so amazingly delicious, but dairy-free & vegan, making it the perfect late-night dessert for me!


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