Nutella Eating Habits And The Victorious Vegan Nutella-Version

I have been living with my boyfriend for a bit more than a year now, and, ever since we moved, my sister has been enjoying coming over for dinner whenever my boyfriend isn’t home…of course, I enjoy it just as much, and we manage to have a girl’s night almost every week! One tiny detail gets on my nerves, though. Whenever either my sister or my brother are over to visit, they run to my kitchen and start randomly eating anything that looks like it could taste good. For example, and this happened a while back, my brother came over, and within the first five minutes of his stay here, he managed to find the carefully hidden 1/2 banana in my fridge, and decided to devour it. This was tragic to me because a) I love bananas and that was my last one, b) I had no other fruit in the house and that was the meager left-over I was saving for my cereal on Monday morning and c) it was Sunday, and no grocery shops open on Sundays in Germany, hence leaving me with NO FRUIT and no way of getting any more until the next day.

When my sister comes over, though, it’s not the bananas I need to hide – she absolutely hates bananas – but the Nutella.

I haven’t always been an absolute Nutella fan, I think it just represents something very special to me because in Tanzania, we rarely got it. And, if guests came to visit us, they would always bring one jar, which we would protect with our lives if need be. My siblings and I would get one Nutella toast a week, and the amount of Nutella we put on the toast amounted to less than a millimeter in thickness, all in order to make the time during which we had Nutella in our house last longer. Whenever we came to Germany to visit, it would be a culture shock just to realize that we could have as much Nutella as we wanted not only on one toast, but on as many toastS as we wanted.

Which brings me back to the Nutella Eating Habit of my sister. I had recently gotten one of those larger glasses of Nutella from my boyfriend, and, while I don’t eat Nutella every morning, I do enjoy a Nutella-slathered toast topped with banana every now and then. My sister, however, sees no need for the toast. She just takes a spoon and eats it straight from the glass. Doesn’t shock you? Well, to me, that just always seemed like such a completely greedy deed that I started bickering with her almost every time. Since I am the older sister, and she visits me at my apartment, I almost usually occasionally win.

Of course, I don’t mind that much. Especially now that I have discovered a completely delicious, less fatty and sugary, vegan (and therefore lactose-free) version of nutella!


Victorious Vegan Nutella-Version

  • Servings: 3 cups
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 600g hazelnuts
  • 200g dark chocolate (70%)
  • 1-2 tsp. coconut oil


1. Spread the hazelnuts on a griddle lined with a baking sheet.

2. Preheat oven to 200°C and, once heated, bake the hazelnuts for 10 minutes. They will be a dark brown with crackled skin once they are done.

3. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes, then, using a cleanex, rub the hazelnuts together so that their skin comes off.

4. Don’t worry about all of them shedding their skin, they should just lose their skin for the most part because the skin will make the nutella taste slightly bitter. Once you have the gist, fill hazelnuts into a sieve to get rid of the hazelnut skins.

5. Fill into a blender and blend into a nut butter (scraping down the sides as you need). I actually didn’t have to add any oil this time!

6. As you blend the nuts, start heating the chocolate: Place a small pot in a larger pot filled with water, and start heating slowly. In the smaller pot on top, put the chocolate and the coconut oil. Make sure that no water enters the smaller pot, otherwise the chocolate will no longer be usable! Also, to make sure that the chocolate doesn’t burn, stir frequently.

7. Once the chocolate has molten, pour into the blender containing the hazelnutbutter. Make sure your blender doesn’t overheat – since I was afraid of that, I allowed the chocolate to cool down for a couple of minutes before adding it to the hazelnutbutter. The coconut oil prevents the molten chocolate from hardening too quickly.

8. Shortly blend the hazelnutbutter with the molten chocolate. If you made the hazelnutbutter to your desired consistency before, this should not take very long. In theory, you probably wouldn’t even need to blend the two together, you could just stir with a spoon.

9. Fill into containers and allow to cool completely before sealing.

Update: As I found out after two months, you really need to refrigerate these if you don’t plan on using them up within 1 month.




IMG_0238 IMG_0241


Just stir the molten chocolate into the hazelnut butter, add extra coconut oil for increased “creaminess”, and spread on some toast! Heavenly, Nutty, and Wholly Vegan & definitely healthier than the original.


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