I have always loved fruit, and I have always adored anything with chocolate. So combining the two whenever I can is a complete no-brainer to me! You know those chocolate-covered raisins you can buy at the store? I really liked those as a kid, but they are mostly covered with milk-chocolate, which I can now no longer have (I am VERY sensitive to lactose, I know that isn’t the case for everybody).

Looking for a new option for something fruity and chocolate-covered, I started experimenting with molten chocolate and dipping fruit in (so, basically, I discovered chocolate fondue – I know, big deal). The problem with that is that it always creates a huge mess, and those of you who have ever tried scraping molten chocolate from your kitchen counter know that it ranks up there with spilled flour and honey-like substances in annoyance-terms. But, all that is behind me now! I have found the perfect way to make chocolate-covered fruit WITHOUT the mess. Let me present to you….drumroll…



  • Servings: 10
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print


  • frozen raspberries
  • chocolate (I use 70% chocolate or higher, as then the lactose-content is not as high -for a vegan version, this is also important!)


1. Melt the chocolate using a smaller pot placed in a larger pot filled with water. Never heat the chocolate directly, as it will burn more easily. Make sure that no water enters the chocolate-pot, it will cause it to crumble, and you won’t be able to use it!

2. Once the chocolate has molten, roll around the frozen raspberries using two spoons, taking them out and placing them on a baking sheet. You will notice that almost immediately after you lift them from the molten chocolate, it will already have hardened.

IMG_0259 IMG_0260


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