The Ominous Flax Egg And Veganism

I am not vegan. Just to clear that up – and those of you who have scrolled through my recipes will have realized very quickly that I don’t follow a vegan diet. Nevertheless, I am intrigued by vegan recipes, mostly because I ate vegan food for one week when I visited a friend of mine (who is vegan) in August, and I have rarely felt so good and “light” in my life.

I am not vegetarian either. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I am not a big meat-eater, but I do enjoy meat in small doses. I love veggies, fish, and legumes, though, which is why I usually choose vegetarian options when I go out to eat or when I cook. However, with a meat-loving (and meat-needing, he would add) boyfriend in the house, I would get in big trouble if I didn’t add a steak to our dinner dishes every now and then.

I am a fan of a lot of different diets (by “diets” I do not mean those 10-week-eating-plans magazines love to use to pressure us into believing that we 1. need to lose weight, and 2. will only achieve it by buying that magazine), but I have had to learn the hard way over the past years that I don’t do well by restricting myself to certain eating patterns. The whole low-carb movement of the past couple years hasn’t passed me by, and I am wholly convinced that it is a good option for losing weight – however, I have never had good experiences whenever I tried to do it exclusively. The same goes for “Schlank im Schlaf”, which is a German dietary change programm that suggests that eating only carbs for breakfast and no carbs for dinner will make you healthier – I did that for one week and ended up crumbling my chocolate easter bunny on toast out of sheer desparation. I have tried to find a good, normal, and healthy way of eating for years, and, while I obviously am no person to measure yourself by, I feel like I am slowly finding the balance between all the extremes. This blog helps. So does running (read more about my views on sports and running here).

What I am trying to say: I enjoy picking recipes I feel are yummy and healthy from very many different diets, simply because that way I don’t have to restrict myself (and restriction has always been my downfall). For anyone who is wholly vegan/vegetarian or low-carb, I salute you! For me, it has never worked.

Which brings me to the ominous “flax egg”, which I have mentioned in several of my recipes. I eat eggs, and I love eating eggs, so for me, using a flax egg has never been relevant. However, I do know that some vegan people are following my posts (yay, I have people following me!), so I have tried to include vegan options for almost all meals that I have prepared. I therefore wanted to explain to all those of you who have either just decided to become vegan, or those of you who are simply interested what exactly I mean by a “flax egg”. Perhaps it’ll help out all those non-vegans who have run out of eggs and still want to bake?

The Ominous Flax Egg

  • Servings: subs 1 egg
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print


  • 1 Tbs. flax seeds, ground
  • 3 Tbs. water


1. In a mortar, ground the flax seeds to a flour.

2. Add 3 Tbs. of water to the ground flax seeds, stir with a spoon and then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

3. When you let the flax seeds mixed with water rest in the fridge, a gooey, sticky mixture will form.

So, the ingredient list is simple enough, right?



This consistency works great for binding doughs, and therefore substitutes a real egg quite well! Of course, you can’t make an omelette with a flax egg – so 1:0 for real eggs.


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