On Nutmilks, Soymilk, And Milkfree Breakfast Yogurt

Ever since I discovered nutmilks like almond milk or coconut milk, as well as soymilk, I haven’t had lactose-free milk in the house. I might be wrong, but I feel like the lactose-free milk gives me really bad skin. I’ve been trying to find out which nutmilks I like best in my cup of coffee, and I have to say that my personal favorite is coconut milk. I am not talking about the coconut cream that comes in cans (most of the time), I mean the coconut milk, or, as some may know it, coconut water, that is a lot more liquid than the coconut cream. Obviously, it’s difficult to make milk froth from nutmilks, so, whenever I get a craving for a “real” latté or cappuccino, I use soymilk – at least for me, that’s the only one that can be made to froth.

There is soy yogurt, as most of you probably already know, and I love it, but I try not to include too much soy products in my food. From what I’ve read on the subject, eating too much of it isn’t all that good for your hormone levels, and, producing it is just as bad for the environment as growing loads of corn for the food industry. I therefore like to try out new versions of pudding, as I did in this fake chocolate pudding recipe, or, as I did this morning, by making “yogurt” without using any sort of (nut/soy)milk. It not only had the consistency of yogurt, it really tasted like a real fruit yogurt, only a lot more flavorful and natural:

IMG_0589 (1)

It could almost be mistaken for curd, which I also used to love eating when I didn’t know about my lactose-intolerance.

Vegan And Soy-/Nutmilk-free Breakfast Yogurt

  • Servings: 1 bowl
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print


  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 glass filled with frozen berries (I used a 250ml glass, for reference)


1. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor or blender.

2. When you have a creamy consistency, taste if it is sweet enough for your personal prefence. Depending on how ripe your banana is, it will taste sweeter or less sweet. I didn’t add any additional sugar/sweetener, but you may want to. I would suggest elderflower syrup as a sweetener, as it’s fruity taste combines well with the berries. Maple syrup would bring out the banana taste a bit more.

3. Serve immediately, as I am not sure how long the color will keep nicely – bananas and avocados have a tendency of browning very quickly.


It’s amazing how the above can turn into what’s pictured below…


This is a great breakfast yogurt, or for snacking throughout the day. It will fill you up due to the natural oil in avocado and supply you with lots of anti-oxidants, potassium, and magnesium due to the berry mixture and banana.

If you dislike banana, you could try making this recipe with 1 or 1 1/2 avocados and leave out the banana. In that case, you will need to add quite a bit of sugar or sweetener (I would suggest using honey or maple syrup, as they supply a rounder sweetness than elderberry syrup), otherwise it won’t taste good (berries themselves are quite sour if you don’t add something sweet, and the avocado has a quite neutral taste in this recipe). If you do decide to try out a banana-free version, please let me know how it works out and if you could make it work!

By the way, this is my 50th blog post! I am so thrilled that so many people have taken interest in my recipes and have supported me by liking my posts and/or following my blog. It really boosts my excitement for this site! Thank you!


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