Quick Vegan Snack Ideas And Another Green Smoothie

Have you ever noticed how every green smoothie seems to look like the one before? I know, big surprise, they are all green. And don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with all of them looking similar, but it is just so boring to post a picture of a green glass after another! Which is why I decided to post two pictures for quick vegan snack ideas along with the smoothie picture, mixing it up a little. Granted, they are neither innovative nor extremely creative, but they are delicious all the same – and why shouldn’t we make life easy once in a while and go back to things we know?

I have been eating a completely vegan diet since Saturday, as a small experiment. As I’ve told you before, I am not big on restricting myself to one certain diet, but I really wanted to test how I would feel if I cut out the small amount of animal products I still consume (and, since I can’t have most dairy things, and rarely eat meat, it really isn’t a huge change) – and I gotta say, I feel great so far! I am not planning on carrying on for forever, and I am definitely not doing this out of a “true vegan motivation”, it is really all about me and my well-being. I already have a dinner date planned with some friends sometime in December, and we’ll be having wild ducks for dinner! There is no way I am not having those. So, no worries, I am just testing. Let’s see how it works out!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and came across a veggie that I haven’t had for a long time: celery sticks. For some reason, I always thought they must taste disgusting, even though I have rarely eaten them. I took them along anyways, mostly because I really wanted to try out my homemade peanut butter to make:



Those of you who aren’t American probably won’t get it: Those are celery sticks, filled with all-natural, slightly salted peanut butter, and raisins on top! Something very common in the U.S., and, as I redisovered, a wonderful and healthy snack! Of course, you shouldn’t overindulge in the peanut butter, so if you don’t like celery, this probably won’t be something you like. I loved the way the crunchy, crispy celery was balanced out by the creamy peanut butter, and the raisins were like little explosions of sweetness in my mouth. I am sure if you soak them in water before, it would taste even more amazing!

Today for lunch, I didn’t feel like eating something heavy, as I had a pretty filling breakfast this morning. I actually made it out of bed to go running at 7 am this morning, while it was still dark (and freezing cold) outside, and I am super-glad I did, but I was starvingly hungry when I came back. For lunch, as you know, I don’t like eating heavily. I am already prone to falling asleep over my university stuff in the afternoon, and, if my tummy is too full, the afternoon-exhaustion is even worse. Since I have been wanting to try out making hummus by myself (can you believe I have NEVER had hummus before?!), I thought that today was the day! I used this recipe from Oh She Glows, and, though I have nothing to compare it to, I absolutely loved it! Of course, I enjoyed it with loads of different veggies!

Homemade Hummus With Colorful Veggies


I can only recommend to anyone who doesn’t feel up to eating a big lunch, or who is looking to reduce their food-intake: eat this for lunch. I didn’t manage the entire bowl of hummus, and I only made half the batch of the recipe – but, due to the many veggies, you will feel satisfied and full until dinner! And you get so many vitamins, as well as the chance to REALLY taste the different veggies. Whenever you cook or mix them in a salad (and don’t get me wrong, I do love eating salads and roasted veggies), you often miss a lot of the natural taste! Let’s get back to the roots and enjoy these beautiful raw veggies, topped off with the amazing dip. Yum!

Finally, as promised, I have another, very simple, 3-ingredient green smoothie for you. No sugar added!

Super-Simple Kiwi-Smoothie



(yield is one large glass)

  • 2 ripe kiwis
  • 1/4 avocado
  • baby spinach (I usually just fill the glass I am planning to use for the smoothie with my greens as measurement)
  • ice-cubes (yes, I said 3-ingredient-smoothie, but I didn’t count the ice cubes – don’t be mad at me!)



1. Add the kiwis, ice cubes (I used 4), avocado, and spinach to your blender (preferably in that order, it makes it easier for the blender). Depending on how juicy your kiwi is, you may want to add a bit of water!

2. Blend until creamy and smooth! Enjoy garnished with one slice of kiwi!


This smoothie is very lightly sweet, so, if you want to make it sweeter, either add a bit of honey/elderberry syrup/other natural sweetener, or subsitute 1/2 a banana for the avocado. You could also try some orange juice instead of adding water, for a more citric taste!


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