PMS-Fighters: Peppermint-Tea, Mushy Choc-Chip Cookies, And Sucky Moods

Yup, this post has been a long time coming, because, let’s face it, all of us in the female sector of existence have to deal with what is called “Aunt Irma” in our appartment once a month. Why “Aunt Irma”, you ask? It’s definitely not due to a red-haired aunt that I hate or anything. No, it’s all about the series “IT Crowd”. Have you ever seen it? Basically it’s a helarious British sitcom (and, if we’re being honest, all British sitcoms are extremely funny!), featuring three members of the IT department of a random firm, one of them being a lady. And, when it’s her time of the month, she goes ballistic.

Which I completely understand! While, thankfully, I’ve never been extremely pained in the physical sense, I do get the mood swings, and I get them bad. You don’t wanna be my boyfriend during those few days, as I’ll be more irrational, moody, and whiny, than anybody should have to handle. It usually starts with my yelling at him why he hasn’t bought me flowers or chocolate when he knows that Aunt Irma is planning on visiting me sometime soon…followed by random crying and, within a couple of minutes, insanely happy periods. But, all us women know, there’s really nothing you can do to beat this shitty (excuse my language) time of the month. I actually lay in bed last night, trying to explain to my boyfriend how horrible I felt, and that it seemed to me as if I was wearing a fatsuit…his reply was: “So you feel like the Michelin Man?”. And you know what, that described my general body-perspective completely! I guess my boyfriend just gets me. Yay me!

Beating PMS is impossible, in my opinion. Instead, I say we fight it – as much as we can – and embrace it – as much as is needed. After all, it’s our special female-thing, we shouldn’t have to suffer too much. I will therefore introduce to you three of the “methods” I have for fighting my PMS:

1. Peppermint Tea


Yes, it’s simple, it’s so simple you may not think it’ll work. Or, maybe you are one of those people who doesn’t like peppermint. The thing is, peppermint has the great quality of being anti-cramping. It really soothes stomach-cramps, and calms your nerves, which is what you want when you are really PMS-ing! I like to add a few sliced lemons or limes to my peppermint tea, but, if you feel like you need something sweet to compensate your mood, feel free to add some (or loads) of honey!

2. Mushy Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s idealistically stupid to think that during PMS it is possible to restrain yourself from eating chocolate. Well, I guess it is, if you belong to the category “I-need-salty-snacks”, like my sister does, for example. I am definitely on the sweet side, so I was craving something decadently sweet yesterday. I have been baking with date sweetener a lot, and haven’t really added real sugar to anything in the past month, but yesterday, it just had to be real sugar. I therefore made the recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I found on OhSheGlows – mostly because I wanted a change to my own flourless chocolate chip cookie recipe, and because I loved mixing my roasted peanut butter into the batter – I could have just eaten the dough out of the bowl! And the awesome thing about vegan cooking & baking is that it isn’t problematic AT ALL to eat dough straight out of the bowl. After all, there is no raw egg to be conscious about!

The result of the cookies look suspiciously like my own flourless chocolate chip cookies, but don’t be fooled – the taste very different (but both AWESOME!):



I love how the middle is nice and mushy (eventhough “mushy” isn’t a delicious-sounding word!), and they tasted heavenly like roasted peanuts, intense chocolate (I used 80% chocolate), and they totally satisfied my craving. I started with the three you see in the picture above, and just went from there…to about five, I think. 🙂 Who cares, I have the right to over-indulge, how else am I supposed to deal with Aunt Irma?!

3. Sucky Moods (And What To Try To Do Against Them)

Now, I know that it’s very stereotypical to writing this, but the best thing to do against having a sucky mood, especially while PMSing, is to get off the couch and go for a run. I KNOW, don’t hate me…but, it’s true. I managed to motivate myself yesterday, fighting with myself in my head until I had put my running shoes on and carried my bloated, cramping belly outside…but, it helped. It was crazy cold outside, and I didn’t feel like smiling at anybody that I ran past, but, when I came home and stood under the hot shower, I did feel a little better. For like 5 minutes. But that’s good enough, don’t you think? At least I no longer felt guilty about eating too many of those heavenly, warm chocolate chip cookies.

As you may have noticed, this post is all over the place, jumping from sitcoms to moods to “stolen” recipes and sports. But, I feel that this fully sums up the way women feel when “Aunt Irma” is visiting. So, to all those guys out there: Read this post, and learn! To all those women (PMSing): Read this post, and get annoyed at it! And try one of my “methods”, see how it works out, and let me know your opinion! I feel you!


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