Newbie Vegan Struggles And Vegan Cheesy Butter Spread

I know, I know, I’ve not been keeping up with my usual amount of posts, I’m sorry! I have had a pretty calm weekend, but for most of it, I didn’t feel all that well, so I opted to just lay around on the sofa and drink tea. This morning, I got myself out of bed to go for a run, but my energy levels still must be running low, as the 6km run seemed nearly impossible to master. I have been craving cheese and meat like mad all of last week, which may have been to Aunt Irma visiting, but I have also been feeling very low energy in general. It may be due to the vegan eating, but I am still waiting for that “Oh my Gawd I feel so good” moment to kick in, which is why I’ll really try to continue until I reach 1 month.

One theory as to why I haven’t been feeling so energetic is that my B12 levels aren’t where they should be…I haven’t been eating lots of meat in the past couple of months, even before this whole experiment, so perhaps my B12 levels are too low? I decided to test this theory, so I went to the pharmacy and got myself some B12, and I feel like it worked, but, I suspect that’s mostly due to the placebo effect. I don’t know, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see! Good thing is, I am not doing this whole vegan thing due to animal-saving reasons or anything, so it wouldn’t kill me to start eating meat and cheese again. In all honesty, I doubt I’ll even make it one month, I just want a piece of cheese so badly. 🙂

As always, on Mondays, I am at university, and I have about 2 hours left before choir practice, so I figured I might as well share a discovery I made on Saturday morning: I tried making some cashew cheese, but I only had homemade cashew butter, no raw cashews. The homemade cashew butter tastes great on my chocolate-zucchini loaf, but it is naturally very sweet, so I had no idea if I could make it into a cheesy-tasting spread.

I started by processing about half a garlic clove with 1 cup of cashew butter (I am guessing around 5-6 Tablespoons), and adding a bit of salt. It worked well, but the texture wasn’t right. I then added a bit of water, hoping it would liquidify a bit…but instead, I got a buttery, creamy, almost see-through texture, that looked a lot like Harz cheese (sourmilk cheese).


And, after adding some more salt and a bit of pepper, as well as some chopped chives, it tasted remarkably good! Of course, you can still detect a hint of cashew, but that’s okay. I really, really loved spreading it on some of my wheat-free white bread (that, by the way, works just as well with buckwheat flour as brown rice flour – I accidentally grabbed the wrong flour package out of the fridge and just went with it)!


Since this “cheese” tastes very intense, there is no need to spread a lot of it on your bread. I loved adding some sliced tomatoes on top! For the seasoning, simply add as much salt as you like…I think I used almost one teaspoon full, but then again, I really like salty things. I am sure you could vary this spread by adding different spices, for example cayenne pepper, paprika, even curry, if you’re feeling experimental. Let me know how your versions turn out!

Vegan Cheesy Butter Spread

  • Servings: 1 cup
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 cup of cashew butter (about 6 Tbs. full)
  • about 50 ml of water (start with less, and see how much you need for your desired texture)
  • about 1 tsp. salt (or herbal salt)
  • 1 Tbs. chopped chives
  • a dash of pepper, or any other spice you’d like
  • 1 small garlic clove


1. Mix the cashew butter with the garlic clove in a a food processor.

2. Add a bit of the water and salt, and process again, adding more and more water (and salt), until you have your preferred texture and taste.

3. Add the chives, and process again, then add the other spices you like.


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