My Favorite Non-Vegan Salads

I am about to disclose to you two of my favorite non-vegan salads. I am sorry, all of my vegan readers, this post is most likely not the one for you – eventhough I have tried to include a vegan version for one of the salads, and the dressing recipes may be worth checking out the ingredients, nonetheless. Ever since I did my vegan experiment, I have been craving meat; however, I have been trying to stick to “good” meat in the sense that it has mostly been bought directly from a butcher’s, not from the supermarket. One thing I have definitely gotten “rid” of since eating vegan for three weeks is dairy milk. I have an extremely high lactose-intolerance, and I have not had dairy milk or dairy milk cream/yogurt/curd for at least 2 months, and I must say I don’t miss it one bit.

I have recently experimented which (plant) milk works best in my coffee, as that is the only “place” I really need milk (I just can’t bear drinking my coffee black). I have tested soymilk, coconut milk (not the cream, canned kind, but the “watery”, light kind), and almond milk. While I love all three, and have enjoyed all of them in my coffee, I must say I prefer the the coconut milk. Some of you may now roll your eyes, seeing as my blog is called “hitbycoconuts” and it figures that I would prefer the coconut version of plant milk. But, honestly, it really has made the cut out of all the plant milks I have tried: the problem I’ve had with soy milk on occasion is that it sometimes “crumbles” when I add it to my coffee or tea, and I’m not 100% sure as to why that is. I have read that it depends on the roast of the coffee, and the more bitter the coffee is, the worse the crumbling effect may be, but I am not sure if this scientically true. With almond milk, I gotta say the taste is quite satisfactory when added to coffee. However, I don’t feel awesome about consuming too many nuts (and nut products), as I feel like it has caused a major facial breakout lately, which is why I have opted for the coconut milk/water lately. Yes, I know, cocoNUT is also a type of nut, but somehow it differs from the other nutmilks due to its lighter, smoother taste.

Moving away from coffee and plantmilks: I am about to introduce to you two of my favorite non-vegan salads, both of which are easily made vegan by either substition or leaving out the non-vegan ingredient.

1. Balsamic Basil Crouton Salad With Tomato Mozarella


2. Crunchy Salad With Pacific Rump-Steak Strips Drizzled With Homemade Hawaii-Steak-Sauce And Spelt-Ciabatta



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