Indulgent Double-Choc Dessertballs And Winter-Weariness

Being tired is so incredibly annoying. I absolutely despise feeling worn out, especially since it seems like I do so mostly throughout the day, and then, at night, I sleep very badly (or take forever to go to sleep). Either I have normal winter-weariness – I mean, it’s already getting dark and we just passed 3 pm) – or I have a bad case of chronic stressed-outness. I am, obviously, hoping for the first option!

I have been tagging along quite diligently with my studying, but this week has pretty much been a bust so far. I honestly don’t feel up to much, which in turn makes me feel very guilty, but what’s a girl to do if the stuff just won’t stick in her brain?! Seriously, sometimes I just really don’t know how I’m supposed to ever make it to exams, I feel so insecure and worried. The only thing that will improve things slightly is cooking and baking…and don’t ask me why, I really don’t know. But, when I’m posting as much as yesterday and today, it’s usually a good indicator that I feel pretty rotten.

But, what’s bad for me can at least be good for you! I have 28 followers overall at the moment, and, though that may seem like a small number in comparison to other blogs, I am really quite proud. It’s such a great feeling to know I am not writing my stuff and sending it into a black hole, but that there are people out there actually interested in my recipes…or/and my babbling. 🙂 Let’s hope it’s a bit of both.

I have noticed that I am craving a lot more nutrition-packed, warm, dense, and rich-tasting food as we progress further into the “dark” months. I am guessing that’s quite normal, but I often miss the light, warm, salad-for-lunch summer days. However, I figured I might as well embrace it (at least I tell myself that several times a day), and came up with these intense, rich, double-choc dessertballs! These could very well be healthier, but I just needed something to whack my brain onto an endorphine-level quickly, otherwise this winter depression may just get the best of me.

To be even more indulget, I added a brown-sugar hazelnut coating, because, well, the health standards were already lost on this one when I decided to add 2 tsps of vegan dark chocolate nutella. Besides, the balls turned out a bit more sticky than other snackballs I have made (like my almondballs, vegan reeses, or fake raffaelos), so I needed something firm to make them edible with anything but a spoon.


On second thought, I could have lightly toasted the hazelnuts before using them, but then I would have had to wait for them to cool, and, as this recipe requires some freezing-time, I just really wasn’t up for procuring even more patience.

I tend to make balls when I need something to snack on, but you could always make bars out of these or any other snack ball recipes I have posted (see above), by pressing the “dough” down into a baking sheet lined plastic container (similar to what I do when I make my vegan bounty bars), and then sprinkling the coating on top as a second layer.

Indulgent Double-Choc Dessertballs

  • Servings: 15
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 1/2 cups of hazelnut flour (perhaps a bit more, depending on the consistency of your nutella)
  • 2 tsp. vegan dark chocolate nutella (you could use my homemade one, but I used a bought one as I was out)
  • 1/2 overripe banana (overripeness is key, as you have no other added sweetness!)
  • 1 1/2 Tbs. dairy-free dark chocolate chips (I used 85% dark chocolate)
  • 4 Tbs. chopped hazelnuts (try toasting them, and let us know how it turns out!)
  • 1 Tbs. brown sugar (optional – I just wanted something similar to hanuta, which is a tiny bit sweeter than the dough I had made)


1. Squash your banana in a bowl, using a for. Mix with the hazelnut flour, nutella, and chocolate chips until you have a smooth, sticky dough.

2. If the dough is too sticky, add some more hazelnutflour, or refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then roll into small balls, and roll around in a mixture of the hazelnuts and brown sugar.

3. Now comes the hard part – place in the freezer for 1 hour, to let them firm up. They are perfect when they are too frozen to simply stick into your mouth – similar to icecream balls, perhaps.




Freezing not only makes them easier to consume, as you can pick them up without immediately squishing them, and it will keep you from eating them all in one sitting, as the cool, rich, intense chocolate flavor of one of these frozen babies will completely satisfy you, trust me.


Have you started drooling yet? 🙂 Trust me, these are awesome, and perfect as a small dessert!

Note: If you dislike banana per say, you can add date cream instead. They will turn out a lot sweeter, though! Perhaps just try it with the banana, I don’t feel like there is an incredibly pungent banana taste, especially when they are frozen!


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