3 Ingredient Peanutbutter Coconut Nicecream Mousse

That one oral exam happening next week has brought out just as much “exam behavior” as all the written tests I have already taken, which is strange, as this oral exam is not even close to being as horrifc as the written ones. Stil, the typical symptoms are starting to show…general weariness, inability to relax even when laying in a bathtub, and an inability to stop stuffing my face with food. While stress-eating probably looks a little different, I still notice that this past half year, whenever pressure got too much, I had the desire to prepare something extravagant in my kitchen…and, obviously, then eat it.

I am seriously hoping this next week will pass quickly, and that I will feel better once that damned test is over. I am really sick and tired of studying, I can’t stress that enough.

Last night, however, something very cool happened…I posted a picture on my instagram account, which has gotten over 200 likes! That’s a complete first for me, and, seeing, that I don’t even have 100 followers, an accomplishment of some sort (and I seriously hope that people are not only liking the picture because I admitted to having a kitchen full of green soupy rain after my blender exploded…). And, trust me, these days I really need accomplishments, even small ones. Studying never rewards you in short-term, and I haven’t gotten my results, so it still feels like this past half year has been a complete waste of time, and, moreover, energy.

To celebrate the success of that one picture, I thought I’d make myself a nice dessert. Well, who am I kidding, I just wanted dessert, noticed I had 100 likes on that pic (at the time there were only 100, by now that has doubled!), and figured I’d have even more reason to have dessert than just wanting to have dessert. (I know, my logic is not that logical, but, you know, my brain’s filled with info about the schooling system in the UK, there’s just no more room for anything else!)

2015-05-12 20.32.18

With only 3 ingredients, I made the most decadently creamy, fluffy, light mousse dessert that has a definite icecream-texture. Honestly, I just couldn’t decide whether I wanted some chocolate coconut whipped cream or nicecream, so I mixed the two and stirred in a spoonful of peanutbutter, and, to top it all off, sprinkled a crumbled bliss ball on top. Needless to say, it was perfection in a bowl!

2015-05-12 20.42.24

3 Ingredient Peanutbutter Coconut Icecream Mousse

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print


  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 can coconut cream, refrigerated over night
  • 1 1/2 Tbs. peanutbutter
  • topping of choice (for example a double-choc dessert ball)


1. Take the banana out of the freezer and allow to thaw for 5 minutes.

2. Open your can of coconut cream, pour out the liquid part. Pulsate the banana a few times in a food processor, then add the solid part of the can of coconut cream (which is what you would use for coconut whipped cream).

3. Pulsate until almost creamy, then add 1 Tbs. of peanutbutter. Blend away until it’s all creamy, then stir in the 1/2 Tbs of peanutbutter, and don’t blend! That way you’ll have a few streaks of peanutbutter in there!

4. Divide between two serving bowls, and add topping of choice! If not served immediately, store in the fridge.

This nicecream mousse is divine, the coconut cream makes the nicecream nice and fluffy and somehow “light” tasting! Don’t worry about the coconut-taste, though, it’s pretty much lost amongst all the peanutbutter and banana.

2015-05-12 20.43.31

If it’s not sweet enough for you (and the sweetness will vary every time you make it, according to the ripeness of the bananas), feel free to add some agave nectar!

2015-05-12 20.41.59

Go ahead and dip your finger right in, you won’t regret it! This is such a great mix of nicecream and mousse, and it’s pretty versatile…add some vanilla instead of peanutbutter, or some cherries and chocolate chips!

2015-05-12 20.43.40 2015-05-12 20.43.45

2015-05-12 20.43.27

Alright people, go to your kitchen and make this creamy deliciousness right this second! And don’t feel guilty eating this, it’s made up of all-natural ingredients, no added sugar, and it’s dairy-free = vegan!


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