Weekday Breakfast Ideas – A Morning Grinche’s Guide

Are you a morning person? I most certainly am, which is why I often get on my boyfriend’s nerves in the mornings, especially on the weekends when I can’t seem to sleep in past 9 am (which, for a student, is extremely lame).

Being a morning person, I love myself a good, yummy breakfast. But I realize there are a lot of you who can’t manage to get anything down but a cup of coffee, so I thought I’d give you a quick guide to easy-peasy breakfast ideas. I call these “weekday” breakfast ideas as I know that’s when it’s the most challenging for those of you who aren’t breakfast lovers to whip up anything resembling a proper breakfast. (All the options are vegan, btw.)

Let’s start with Monday.

Mondays are universally considered to be the most horrible day of the week (unless you’re a weirdo who enjoys the beginning of a work-filled week and can’t wait for it to be Monday on Sunday night…if you are, chances are you are also excited about having a satisfying, nutritious breakfast daily, in which case this post is most likely completely irrelevant to you :)).

So, to start your Mondays well, I suggest you try making this Sunshine Smoothie Without Greens! Not everyone’s on board with the #greensmoothiemovement, but that’s absolutely no reason to shy away from smoothies. This smoothie in particular is great for Monday mornings, as you simply prefreeze the ingredients and then pull out a bag from the freezer in the morning before you go to brush your teeth, allow it to thaw a bit, and then churn up the whole thing with a bit of milk and oats in your blender.

2015-05-01 10.14.14

Especially if you’re someone who generally doesn’t feel hungry early in the morning, this smoothie is great – it feels more like a light, tropical cocktail, but will give you an energy and vitamin burst to set out into your busy schedule. Don’t believe me? You won’t know till you’ve tried it!

Enter Tuesday.

If you’ve managed to make yourself a smoothie on Monday, I’m very sure you’ll be able to make yourself a smoothie on Tuesday as well! This one requires slightly more ingredients, but, again, prefreeze smoothie bags on Sunday nights, and you’ll be okay. This smoothie incorporates a few greens, but the color fools you into believing you’re still sipping on a stylish cocktail in the morning. C’mon, cocktails for breakfast – that almost feels like holiday, doesn’t it? Who’s up for a bit of holiday-feeling throughout the week?

This Pretty Red Superfood Smoothie is so packed with nutrients that you’ll probably run into the office wearing a superman- or batman-costume after gulping it down. The goji berries and bee pollen really pack the antioxidants and protein into this glass of goodness, but if it’s too much to ask in the mornings, simply leave it out. Or, you know, you could always mix up a superfood blend on Sunday night by adding oats, bee pollen, flax meal, and goji berries in equal parts (maybe even throw some chia seeds in there, if you have them) into a jar, shake it, and then add a spoonful or two to your morning smoothies, cereal etc. Again, it’s all about the preperation – if you are willing to prepare, you’ll save loads of time in the mornings throughout the week.

2015-04-28 08.34.26

Happy Wednesday!

If you’ve made it to Wednesday, most of you morning grinches will be a bit more enthusiastic, seeing as it’s the middle of the week, and the “worst is behind you”. Which means you can up your breakfast game by making yourself a green smoothie (Two options could be this Super Simple Kiwi Smoothie or this Super Creamy Coconut Smoothie), or you can reward yourself with some icecream for breakfast. Yes, I just said ICECREAM. Nicecream, to be exact!

See, the wondrous community of vegan eaters have come up with the perfect solution for making all non-vegans jealous of their way of eating. I am not vegan myself, but I do enjoy the occasional vegan dish, especially if it’s something as decadent and easy as nicecream for breakfast!

To make it, all you need is frozen bananas. Yes, this post is all about prefreezing fruits and veggies, if you haven’t noticed – prefreeze smoothie ingredients, prefreeze nicecream ingredients, just load up your freezer with frozen goodness! In the case of banans, it really helps if you cut them into chunks before freezing, as they will thaw more quickly.

2015-05-16 10.30.39

Nicecream is made by blending the frozen banans until they form a thick and creamy “ice cream”. If you’re not into raw banana flavor, you can get real creative with add-ins, like I did in the picture above: add in 2 Tbs. of raspberries and 1 Tbs. of blueberries to 1 large frozen banana, allow to thaw for 5 minutes (while you’re brushing your teeth in the bathroom, for example), and then blend away.

2015-05-16 10.21.02

Granted, making nicecream is a bit more time-intensive than making smoothies, especially since it’s impossible to gulp down the ice-cold nicecream as quickly as a smoothie. But, if you’ve gotten the hang of making breakfast this week, perhaps you won’t mind the extra minutes and feel crazily over-indulgent (if that’s even a word) while you place one creamily delicious spoon after the next in your mouth.

Test different flavors, for example frozen mangos, frozen strawberries, and some mint leaves work well, too!

Routine Thursday:

SInce you’ve managed to get through 3 mornings of preparing yourself breakfast, I think it’s time you give oatmeal a try. Seriously, especially if you have achieved making nicecream, it’s time to enter the pro-league of preparing breakfast, and whip up a 10 minute oatmeal bowl!

I have several great examples of oatmeal bowls, but two of my absolute favorites are my Creamy Blueberry Vanilla  Bowl and my Nutty-Crunch Comfort Oatmeal Bowl. Oatmeal is great for colder days, but I gotta admit I enjoy it frequently even in summer, simply because to me, there is nothing more satisfying than heaping huge spoonfuls of creamy, gooey, warm delicious oats into my mouth. If you can’t imagine feeling the same, please try my oatmeal bowls AT LEAST ONCE! And, trust me, it really seems like a lot more work than it actually is.

2015-05-08 09.08.27

And oatmeal bowls travel very well, so if you don’t mind it cooling down a bit, you could even bring this with you on the train or subway if you have a long commute and make everyone sitting around you jealous of your delicious oatmeal bowl. (FYI: if the toppings seem like too much work, simply leave them out, or only add some granola (options 1 or 2) or some of that superfood blend I mentioned earlier!)

Finally, Friday.

Congratulations, if you’ve made it this far, then Friday will be super easy! Either make yourself your favorite breakfast option from this week, or go for some cookies for breakfast! Yup, I said it. These should be made the night before, as well as any sweet breakfast loafs, but, trust me, you’ll be the star of the office if you bring these babies to work with you (of course, you should save yourself some cookies or slices and only take half to the office, as these will come in handy again on next Monday).

I have several options for breakfast cookies and loafs, for example:

Granola Bar Cookies (perfect for breakfast, snacking, afternoon slumps, or tv munching)

Cashew Sour Apple Cookies (fat-free and sugar-free…I know, hard to believe that they actually taste awesome!)

Coffee Hazelnut Loaf (Combining your favorite morning drink with the subtle taste of nutella? I know, you’re welcome!)

Apple Raisin Bread (Gluten-free!)


(This is a picture of my Cashew Sour Apple Cookies.)

If baking is not accessible to you, you could always opt for another oatmeal bowl (check out my category under “breakfast”), or go for another smoothie or milkshake (also to be found under “breakfast”).

I hope I’ve been able to convince all you morning grinches that breakfast can be built into a habit…if you go about it softly, and without disturbing that voice in your head on Monday morning that is screaming “I want to go back to bed” too much. Try these recipes and many more this coming week, and don’t forget to prep those frozen smoothie and nicecream bags tomorrow!


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