Re-energize Week Day 1: Cut the Alcohol

I’ve mentioned several times last week that I spent 2 weeks working for a vintner, which means I served about a million glasses of wine over the course of those weeks. Part of our staff’s and boss’ ritual is having a glass of wine to round off the evening, and therefore I consumed quite a bit of alcohol these past days. I’m normally not big on drinking, simply because I don’t take it all that well…and I am also not talking huge amounts every night, but the regularity of it just isn’t any good for my skin, liver, or general well-being. Hence Day 1: Cutting the Alcohol!

For anybody feeling weighed down from a party weekend, or, as in my situation, from working as serving staff, it will feel very good to cut the alcohol for at least one week. Shouldn’t be too hard, otherwise you might consider that you actually have a problem…but let’s hope that’s not the case!

I find that drinking alcohol is less about the actual alcohol, but about the social aspect. I am part of a large clique that goes out for drinks quite frequently, but I am “one of the weird ones” who often chooses to not have any alcohol, or only a little bit. I have had to struggle with that quite a bit, not because I am pressured to drink (past that peer pressure age, thank God!), but because you really stick out if your friends are mostly “drinking buddies”.

I encourage you to break the pattern of social drinking though, especially if you’re only drinking because everyone else is having a glass of wine. If you feel like it, go for it – if you don’t, then don’t feel like you have to rectify NOT drinking. Listen to your body, and to your taste buds (which, as I know first-hand, isn’t always simple when you have a thousand influences clouding your judgement).

I enjoy my red wine, whiskey, cocktails and beer, but I treat them as they should be treated, in my opinion: as treats, not as consumption food. At least that’s what it’s like when I haven’t worked for a very generous boss for two weeks – so I’m “getting back on track” concerning the alcohol and cutting it for this week, at least.

In the meantime, I’ll be drinking a lot of water, tea, the occasional cup of coffee, and a few litres of green smoothies. 🙂


Join me, and let me know how you deal with alcohol and social gatherings?


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