Re-Energize Week Day 4: No Denials

It’s hot in here. I mean REALLY HOT. A heat wave has got Germany sweating and panting, and in our little apartment right below the roof, the heat is bounding on unbearable. I actually fled my apartment yesterday and sat around in my parent’s kitchen, as they live in a big old house with extra-thick stone walls, keeping the house’s insides nice and cool.

Getting moving as I wanted yesterday didn’t work quite as well as I wanted it to – I was really, simply suffering from the heat, but also a bad case of moodiness that made me question the world, my point of being, and everything else. Anybody else have those type of days?

I vowed to get up early today, though, and go for a walk, if not a run (depending on how my knee’s doing). Take a look at instagram to see…I really wanna stay true to my own motto of re-energizing! And I encourage you to do the same. Don’t let minor set-backs keep you from getting your happy energy back, and, mostly, doing what’s good for you!

Don’t give in to your excuses. No denials!

Denial is a big topic for me. Not in the sense that I procrastinate due to denial, or that I deny having done something…I deny myself what I want or need very often, though. I deny myself certain types of foods, deny myself happiness on days where I feel like I haven’t done well food-wise, I deny myself relaxation or “down” times when I really need them.

In a way, that makes me very strong. But only to a point…which has always been my problem. I often appear to be an extremely self-confident, strong person to those around me, but, as my mother or boyfriend will gladly confirm, I am one of the most insecure and worried people there are. Denying myself who I am is a big issue for me, and fighting this denial is a daily struggle.

Which is why today, I want to focus on NOT denying myself anything. No specific types of foods, no happiness-inducing time-fillers, nothing that will aid me in getting my energy back. Today is Day 4 of this 5-day-challenge, so it’s time to get down to the real deal! I encourage you to join me: Don’t deny yourself what you need, what you feel in your heart you rightfully should get – be it a specific treat, extra time for a work-out, a night out with your love, or even that afternoon nap you know you need because this week’s been stressful.

If you’re having trouble knowing how to treat yourself (food-wise), I invite you to take a look in my Desserts and Raw/Baked Goodies Category of the blog for some inspiration! Or, if you’re short for time and just want to treat yourself for breakfast this morning, try this vegan iced coffee recipe I made myself yesterday:

2015-07-01 14.54.23

In the background, you can see my only means of fighting off the heat – my best friend these days, my beloved fan. If only it blew ice cold air around, it would be even better!

Vegan Iced Coffee

  • Servings: 1
  • Print


  • 1 cup of coffee (250ml), cooled
  • 6 icecubes
  • 2-3 dates
  • left-over coconut water from a can of coconut milk
  • 1/2 tsp. ground vanilla
  • whipped coconut cream


1. Prepare the whipped coconut cream according to the linked recipe, then place in the fridge.

2. Blend together the rest of the ingredients until frothy, then pour into a tall glass. Perhaps fill this glass with even more icecubes if it is really hot.

3. Place a generous dollop of coconut whipped cream on top, and enjoy with a straw and spoon.

I promise you, you will not be able to tell the difference to any bought, dairy, frappéd iced coffee! In fact, I feel like the coconut water actually compliments the coffee flavor much better than cow’s milk, as it doesn’t make the coffee “milder”, only more delicious!

2015-07-01 14.49.32 - Kopie 2015-07-01 14.49.22 - Kopie2015-07-01 14.51.58

You’ll most likely have some whipped coconut cream left-over, which means you HAVE to have the same thing again tomorrow, or, you know, make a double batch of the iced coffee and share with a friend. 🙂

Treat yourself, don’t deny yourself happiness. Obviously, happiness and treats are not only related to food, but, I find that this is a common topic for me, so I treated myself with this iced coffee yesterday. If a treat means having some alone time with a good book to you, then go ahead and take 20 minutes out of your day to do so today (perhaps with a side of iced coffee…am not giving up yet!), and don’t deny yourself that “me”-time.

2015-07-01 14.51.20



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