Re-Energize Week Day 5: Choose your happy

First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m fully aware that the motto of today’s final day of re-energize week, “Choose your happy” is not entirely grammatically correct. I am an English major, after all. But, I find that sometimes the wrong grammar is catchier in mottos/slogans than the correct one, so deal with it. Please. 🙂

We have arrived on our final day of Re-energize Week! How is everybody feeling?

I gotta say that I’m not restored to 100%, but, then again, what exactly is 100%, anyways? I am still struggling a little with my knee and joints, but that’s to be expected after 2 weeks of physical work (especially if you’re not used to it). But, I dare say I have gotten a little closer to myself over the past week.

By that I mean I have focussed on listening to myself a little better than the past weeks of stress, and I’ve taken the time to really do things FOR ME. Yesterday morning, as promised, I got around to that run I had been craving since Day 3 (Get Movin’), and I have been chucking down lemon-infused water like I’m out in the desert. In my defense, it’s been an extremely hot week here in Germany, with an average temperature of 32 degress, I’d guess.

Choosing your happy. What does that mean?

I have to admit I am not a very optimistic person. I fall more into the “worry about everything” category, and I seem to always expect the worst. Last night, for example, I dreamt that I had finally gotten my exam results (have been waiting since May), and, behold, I dreamt I had failed one of my subjects miserably. I woke up and it has taken me the entire morning to shake the bad mood that dream left.

For me, choosing my happy means that I try to focus more on the here and now, rather than on what’s coming up in my life. It’s a tough thing to do these days, as I am somehow in limbo. I have finished my studies, but don’t have my results; I know I’ll be working in September, but haven’t been assigned a school. Choosing my happy these days may appear to be an easy thing to do for any outsider, but, honestly, if you have ever been in my situation, you may understand why I can’t wait for this “limbo-time” to be over and for my life to start – at least, that’s what it feels like.

I am choosing my happy today by getting up, doing some light yoga and maybe even going for a walk. I am choosing my happy today by NOT focussing on how bloated I feel. I am choosing my happy by trying to cheer up those around me, by being kind and taking the focus off myself (after this whole week of focussing on myself, it’s a nice change of pace).

And, most importantly, I am choosing to continue choosing my happy even if I have setbacks.

One thing this week has taught me, perhaps the most important thing, is, that even if you write a blog series on re-energizing and all the great (hopefully) inspirational stuff soaring around in your head, it doesn’t make it easier to follow your own advice. I was really struggling following myself this week; just because I write it down, doesn’t make me better at it. Just because I post healthy recipes, doesn’t make me a healthier or better eater than any of you.

I am choosing my happy, anyways. I am choosing to cut the alcohol and rehydrate, I am choosing to rise and shine in the mornings, I am choosing to get movin’ every day, in a way that makes me feel good, and I’m choosing to not deny myself anything.

Notice how I talk about “choosing”? A choice is made once, choosing happens again and again. It’s a process.

Choose your happy. Do it, every day. You may succeed more on some days than others – but, the important thing is to continue making that choice.

And, as a blog post without recipes doesn’t seem to interest you much, I have decided to include my top 3 recipes for happiness-inducement (is that even a word!?). Perhaps these’ll make it easier for you to choose your happy today, this weekend, and the following weeks.

3. Sugarfree Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies


I haven’t made these in a while, but, as my time of the month is coming up next week (sorry if that was tmi), I highly suspect they’ll make their return. Completely gluten-free. and sweetened solely with dates, these babies are sure to induce some happiness into your life. Trust me.

2. Raw Vegetarian Zoodle Bowl

2015-05-15 12.17.21

Anyone following my instagram account will know that this is my go-to meal on warm days – I simply adore this easy, light, yet wonderfully satisfying low-carb dish! If you don’t own a spiralizer, I got mine here; or you could always use a julienne peeler to make your own peels.

1. Cherry Basil Peanutbutter Smoothie

2015-06-23 09.59.41

This smoothie is my new favorite for breakfast…I am loving cherry season, and have experimented to make a “new” smoothie flavor out there: The combination of cherries and peanutbutter may not seem too strange, but, adding a bit of basil to the mix makes this an intense smoothie experience!

I love that this smoothie is thick and creamy, giving you that milkshake dream feeling in the mornings, and, despite a handful of basil leaves, you can’t detect an ounce of “green” in this smoothie. I’ve already shared this recipe on Instagram, but I thought I’d type it up and let those of you who haven’t seen it in on it.

Luxurious Cherry Basil Smoothie

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print


  • 1 cup pitted cherries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 handful of fresh basil leaves
  • 1 tsp. peanutbutter
  • 1 tsp. vanilla protein (optional)
  • 1 cup soy-rice milk


1. Blend all the ingredients together, until it’s a nicely thick smoothie.

Note: Instead of the vanilla protein, you could add 1 Tbs. of oats to achieve same texture and similar “filling” characteristics.

2015-06-23 10.00.03

Of course, you could always enjoy this smoothie as a smoothie bowl, instead! Simply halve the amount of liquid you add, and serve with all your desired toppings (in this case, granola, shredded coconut, and more fresh cherries):

2015-07-14 09.08.53

These three recipes are my go-to for happiness these days, and help me to choose my happy immensely. If they aren’t quite up your ally, take a look at the rest of my recipes – I think I have almost 200 recipes on here!

And please do share your experience this week with me! Or, if you’re planning on following my 5 steps next week, I’d love to hear your experience then! My email inbox is always open, so is my comment section. 🙂


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