Track it Tuesday – What I ate today

As promised, I kept track of everything I ate (and drank) today. This is not meant to be a guideline of any sort, but, as the post I did a while back on what I eat on a normal day seemed to really interest you guys, and I have been lacking a little inspiration concerning new recipes, I thought I’d at least challenge myself to take pretty pictures on one day of the week. I am not sure how long I’ll keep this up – the four weeks until school starts, though, you’ll get a post every Tuesday. Pinky Promise. 🙂

I can’t really talk about a “normal” daily routine at the moment, as I just finished my studies and have a whole lot of free time on my hands. It’s truly awesome, and it means I get to choose when I get up in the morning and what I do all day, which also gives me the freedom to spend as much time in the kitchen and on styling my food as I like. I realize this will not be possible as much once I start working, but I do hope to at least continue my rituals for myself, even if I may not have the time to photograph everything.

I am a morning person, which means I like getting up early(ish) eventhough I could sleep in every day. I just feel much more useful and productive and generally satisfied if I get up, hence I usually get up between 7.30 and 8.30. (And I can see some people rolling their eyes at me right now because that would be sleeping in for them…bear with me, I am still in student-mode.) What I have for breakfast varies, as you can tell by looking at my Morning Grinches post, but ever since I got my mom’s old juicer for my birthday, I have been loving juicing in the morning. Currently, my favorite juice is a mix of carrots, apple, ginger and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Before I eat anything, though, I usually already pour myself a glass of infused water, usually with lime or lemon. I have found it to help my digestion, counteract headaches, and really just keep me well-hydrated. It has been extremely hot the past weeks here in Germany, so it has been important to drink enough throughout the day.

2015-08-18 08.22.54

This morning I had a hard time getting out of bed, so my breakfast was at 8.30 am: A glass of freshly pressed carrot-apple-ginger juice, and some avocado on rye bread, topped with tomatoes.

2015-08-18 08.33.35

I had planned to workout before breakfast, as I often do, but today was just not a perfect morning for me. I blame my boyfriend, who usually gives me a goodbye kiss before he leaves the house, but forgot to this morning. He also forgot to start the washing machine. I am still debating which is worse.

Before lunch, I had a kid I tutor come in for 1 1/2 hours, even though we’re on summer break. He (or should I say his mom) really wants to get a head start on classes next year, so I gave him a time slot in August. As a thank you, he (or should I say his mom) got me a huge package of merci chocolates. Too bad I don’t really like them, they’re too sweet for me.

1 pm: For lunch, I made myself a big salad bowl. I had a base of romaine lettuce, topped with tomatoes from my boyfriend’s parent’s garden (YUM!), cucumber, olives, goat’s feta and radish. Also, I made myself a huge cup of coffee with macadamia milk. I love coffee, though I usually have it, as I did today, for lunch rather than for breakfast. It kind of feels like “dessert” to me; probably because it is so insanely creamy with a nut milk mixed in (I usually use soy-rice-milk, but I was craving nutmilk today).

2015-08-18 12.56.03

I am not a big snacker inbetween meals, but my boyfriend has been coming home late from work this week, and when I “only” have salad for lunch, I usually don’t make it past 5 pm without getting hungry. As I know this about myself, I wisely made my Fake Raffaelos (the protein version) after lunch, and had them ready in the fridge when hunger hit.

5 pm: A fake protein raffaelo

2015-08-18 17.19.05

I usually can’t stop at just one, but for some reason I haven’t been craving sweet things as much, so I didn’t want to spoil my appetite before dinner.

7.30 pm: Salt-crusted Salmon with broccoli, basmati, and lemon yogurt dill sauce, plus the Simplest Tomato Salad Ever.

2015-08-18 19.35.26

This dinner, you guys, it was pure bliss. It’s a new recipe, so I photographed it as I was cooking, which always takes me ages…but it turned out so, SO good. I really can hardly wait to share it with you, but that’ll have to wait till later this week.

That’s it for today – I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures, I really put quite the effort into photographing today! Any tips concerning the pictures are very welcome! 🙂


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