Product Review: New Things I Love

I have never actually written up a product review, and I am definitely no where close to being sent awesome packages for free to review on my blog (I WISH!), but I have found a few new things that I thought I could tell you about! I find that it always takes so many nudges for me to buy anything I have never tried before, simply because I fear that it won’t be worth the money. I therefore hope that by sharing this with you, you’ll be able to find out more about the products you may or may not have been eyeing for a while but have never dared to try.

2015-08-26 14.12.04

This is a natural sweetener I recently discovered: It’s extracted from the bark of the birch tree, and can be used as if it were sugar, but only has half the calories. While I am not a fan of artificial sweetener at all, I like switching it up with xylitol, especially in baking when coating things with a sugar crust – it’s just better for your teeth! I don’t use it to sweeten coffee or tea, as I rarely drink sweetened drinks, so I can’t tell you if it varies in taste…in baking, I really can’t tell a difference. In fact, I find it to be very similar to powdered sugar concerning that “melt-in-mouth” effect.

What: Xylitol

Where can you get it: I got this at “dm”, a German drugstore. You can also get it online, though!

2015-09-02 18.29.03

Those of you following my Instagram account will have already seen this picture: Yes, I jumped on the matcha-train! I have been wanting to try it for ages, and finally convinced myself to buy 30g of the superfood powder. The verdict: it’s good, but it’s nowhere close to replacing coffee for me. I have only had it has matcha latté, and have played with the amount of tea powder I used, and, while being delicious, I really can’t say that it’s any more special than normal green tea. (I can hear the matcha lovers gasping in the background…I’m so sorry!) I am not unhappy to have bought it, though. I am just going to be using it for nicecream and smoothies instead of drinking it as lattés, which is fine! I do believe it to have the same effect as caffeine – a matcha latté is going to keep you awake and energized for sure, even if it isn’t unbelievable taste-wise.

What: Matcha Powder (Green Tea)

Where do you get it: I got mine from, where you can choose different concentrations and blends of matcha tea. I got the starter set including a matcha whisk and spoon.

Note: Perhaps I would love matcha lattés even more if I were drinking dairy; while I like soy milk in my coffee, I don’t like it’s taste on its own enough to enjoy it foamed.


I have recently bought cashew butter and hazelnutbutter (not pictured), and, while I have bought cashew butter before, I must say I prefer this brand (Eisblümerl) over the one I had before (Rapunzel). Cashew butter is so silkily smooth, it’s truly amazing! Oh, and the hazelnutbutter: I really, really like it, but it’s not as good as the cashew butter. I have used about half of the hazelnutbutter jar, and am thinking of simply mixing the rest with some cocoa powder and maple syrup to make a quick “nutella”. Speaking of which, I have recently discovered a chocolate tahini paste at my local supermarket, which is heavenly!

2015-07-22 09.46.591

This does contain some palm oil, so its nutrients could be better…but it tastes wonderful and is nut-free! Sadly, it’s quite expensive, so it won’t be a staple in my kitchen.

What: Cashewbutter, Hazelnutbutter, Chocolate Tahini

Where to get it: I got the cashewbutter and hazelnutbutter online, and the chocoalte tahini at “Rewe”

Sidenote: As you can see in the picture above, I also got the detoxinista’s cookbook, which I can only recommend! It’s a revelation, especially her hemp seed ranch and almond butter freezer fugde, which I have adpated with almost every nutbutter, including coconutbutter (which was my favorite).

2015-09-03 20.57.30

Finally, I discovered these veggie chips (or crisps) at a supermarket I rarely go to, and had to get them right away, I taste-tested them last night, and they are VERY good, especially the beet chips. However, compared to standard potato chips, these cannot compare. If you are therefore looking for a healthified chips snacks, go ahead and buy these (fairly cheap) chips, but don’t expect them to taste as sinful as the real thing.

What: Veggie Chips

Where to get it: I got these at “Penny”.

Alright, that’s it for my product review today. I hope you found this useful…if you have tried any “new” things lately, I’d be glad to here about them in the comments below!


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