Vegan Buttermilk Breakfast Buns

I haven’t baked bread rolls in quite a while. I love making my crunchy crusted millet bread, mostly because it’s so easy and so satisfying, but every once in a while, I really crave bread rolls for breakfast. I therefore came up with a new recipe for breakfast buns, and am so happy with the result. I had yet to create a “fluffy” breakfast roll, and finally managed to achieve it by using fresh yeast instead of dried yeast. I really wanted a seed-coated crust, but feel free to leave that out for a more traditional bun.

These buns are perfectly soft and fluffy in the middle and crunchy on the outside, and they look oh so pretty, in my opinion. I had them for breakfast Sunday morning, and had them with both savory and sweet toppings (avocado and sesame-cacao-spread), both of which complimented the bread very nicely. I love how the seeds add even more crunch, and how the inside is so nice and moist. Granted, I enjoyed them straight from the oven, and any baked good straight from the oven is perfect. But even toasted the next day, these buns will make anyone’s heart smile a little.

2015-08-23 11.54.50

On Sundays, (when it’s sunny, and when I’m home), my boyfriend and I enjoy our breakfast outside on our balcony. I really miss those regular weekend breakfasts now that I’m no longer home full time, but I guess I need to get used to that now (that I’ve been gone for a whole week :)).

Anyways, before we get into thinking about that tragedy, let me just share the recipe for these breakfast buns with you. The vegan buttermilk is very easy to make, and gives these buns a nice tart flavor, as you would have in any sweet baked buns; these aren’t sweet in any way, they are just not completely savory. That way they go with both jelly and eggs.

Vegan Buttermilk Breakfast Buns

  • Servings: 3 buns
  • Difficulty: medium
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  • 125ml soy-rice milk
  • 1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup spelt flour (125g)
  • 1 cup whole-spelt flour (125g)
  • 1 tsp. fresh yeast (1/3 of a 42g cube)
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. coriander
  • seed mix of 1 tsp. sesame seeds, 1 tsp. sunflower seeds and 1 tsp. pumpkin seeds (optional)


1. Mix the soy-rice milk with the apple cider vinegar in a small bowl, and set aside. Then mix the fresh yeast with the water and sugar, and allow to dissolve completely.

2. Now add all the other ingredients, excluding the seed mix. Pour the vegan buttermilk on top, and knead together until smooth.

3. Sprinkle with a bit of flour, then cover with a fresh kitchen towel, and allow to rise for 45-60 minutes.

4. Preheat oven to 200°C (390°F). Knead through risen dough, and seperate into 3 equally sized balls.

5. Shape into buns and roll in seed mix, if using.

6. Place the coated buns on a baking tin, and place in the oven for 15-20 minutes, perhaps turning them over after 8 minutes to assure both sides are browning equally.

7. Serve warm, or toast shortly before serving.

Excepting the time needed for rising the dough, these are very easy and quick to throw together! To save time, you could prepare the dough the night before and keep in the fridge overnight. That way the dough will rise, but more slowly than at room temperature, and will be ready to use in the morning.

2015-08-23 10.21.05

The vegan buttermilk is easily made with any type of dairy-free milk mixed with apple cider vinegar. I don’t recommend using it in smoothies, as it doesn’t taste very good on its own. It’s thickened texture is useful in baking, though, which is why I used it.

2015-08-23 10.26.59 2015-08-23 10.30.27

2015-08-23 11.25.36

Like I said, you could just place these in the oven plainly, but I really wanted that extra crunch, so I lightly pressed them in the seed mix I made.

2015-08-23 11.26.47

2015-08-23 11.27.41 2015-08-23 11.29.08

Feel free to change up the seeds, and add flax or chia seeds, or even hemp seeds to the mix!

2015-08-23 11.45.35

After 15 short minutes, they will already be golden brown and ready to be enjoyed!

2015-08-23 11.52.56

Allow for them to cool down about 5-10 minutes, and then they’re ready to be sliced and eaten.

2015-08-23 11.53.43

I hope you’ll enjoy these wheat-free, vegan, oil-free breakfast buns…let me know how you like them and which seed mix you used to coat them!

2015-08-23 11.55.16


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