Track It Tuesday: A School Day

Good evening friends! I am so proud to have managed to keep a food diary for you today despite it being a school day! I’m slowly getting used to my work schedule, but I’d be lying if I were to say that I had some sort of routine going. It’s only been a week, after all – eventhough it honestly feels much, much longer than that!

As I get up at 6 am every day now, and am usually not too sure when I’ll be back home (us newbie teachers in training aren’t on a fixed schedule yet), I made the mistake several time last week of taking either too much or too little food. I have got that down much better so far, and am relying a lot on my cranberry oat energy blissballs and prepped breakfasts, like overnight oats, spelt semolina or smoothies.

Getting up earlier than before is no big issue for me, I’m lucky in that I’m a morning person. As I am no longer living with my boyfriend (we’re 300km apart, *sniff*), I have nobody to bother by being pirky in the morning; but I still am worried when I turn on my blender in the mornings, as I fear I’ll wake everyone else living in this house.

I have been loving overnight oats for breakfast – and, strangely enough, haven’t gotten sick of them yet! I like mixing them up, for example I made a peanutbutter-cranberry mix on Sunday night and enjoyed it this morning, with a few black- and raspberries on top.

6.30am: PB & Cranberry Overnight Oats with fresh berries and a cup of tea

2015-09-22 06.58.43

I have switched back to drinking tea in the mornings – I go through phases with my coffee drinking, it seems. I usually do have at least one cup of coffee a day, but prefer it in the afternoons or along with lunch at the moment. I seem to have built up a bit of an intolerance to soy as well, which is annoying as f***, but I figure I’ll just have all the more reason to make my cashew milk, which I much prefer anyways. Still, it’s slightly annoying, and I’m getting really fed up with reacting allergically to foods. I wish I could tell my body to just give me a break already!

By the way, I have found that I do so much better in the mornings if I pack my bag the night before and lay out my outfit for the next day – if you’re a young teacher (and female), it’s extremely important to make sure you’re dressed decently, so I’m focussing alot on being well-dressed. If that’s not an issue for you, consider yourself lucky! I hope I’ll get into a routine with that soon, too.

DSC_2035 IMG_20150921_064127

I feel like ever since school has started, I have been eating much more. I guess that’s only natural, as I’m a lot busier and more active than in all those months of studying, and then not having anything to do after that…but it still feels kind of strange to me. I’m focussing hard on listening to my body’s cues, though, and feel like I’ve been doing a good job of it so far, for the most part. I like to take some sliced/cut up veggies and fruit for the breaks, and a sandwich for my lunch break (if I have to stay in school past lunchtime, that is).

11 am: Apple Slices and Carrot Sticks

2015-09-22 07.00.08

As I made the mistake of assuming that I would be home by lunchtime several times last week, I have taken a sandwich with me everyday since Friday, just to make sure I don’t “starve”. Today, I ended up being able to enjoy it at home, as I was out of school by 1.30pm.

1.30 pm: Goat’s cheese on Ryebread with romaine lettuce, a cup of coffee creamed with cashew milk, and a banana

2015-09-22 13.41.15 2015-09-22 13.57.00

I made cashew milk last night, and, as I already mentioned, it is my absolute favorite nutmilk! I love it in both tea and coffee, but I find it makes for the best creamer ever. And, as I was craving “dessert” and I had a perfectly ripe banana sitting on my counter, I couldn’t resist eating it. And taking a picture of the peel, that looks like a large smile, by the way. If you’re wondering why there is some foil wrapped around the stems: it keeps ripe fruit from ripening quite as quickly (oxidation process), so if I know I can’t keep up with eating all the bananas, I wrap some foil around the stems. Works wonders!

I usually had an afternoon snack everyday last week, but today I ate lunch quite late and was quite full, so I didn’t have an afternoon snack. I went for a run with a colleague of mine, which was great – we ran for 9 km!!! – and, when I got home, I was so glad to hop in the hot shower. It is getting quite cool in Germany, and apparently I’m now living in a town also referred to as “Bavarian Siberia”. I must say it scares me little to think that it’s gonna be winter really soon, and a real one at that! Back at home, where my boyfriend and family lives, we barely get any snow!

As I had gone grocery shopping right after school, I scored a big bag of fresh spinach, some cherry tomatoes and feta, which made for the perfect 20-minute dinner. I made myself a pot of red lentil pasta, so I got my protein in after that long run, and simply sautéed the cherry tomatoes and spinach with some red onion and garlic, then stirred in the feta…et voilá, easiest creamy pasta sauce ever. And so delicious, too!

2015-09-22 19.26.25

I am a bit proud that I’ve made it such a priority to eat well these past 1 1/2 weeks, I must say. I recently told you about how I meal prep, and am so relieved that, at least up till now, I still feel like it is a priority I can keep up with fairly easily. Of course, I am a little annoyed that I no longer own a dishwasher, but, you know, that’s not really a problem. 🙂 I struggle much more with portions while cooking, as I am used to having a ravenous boyfriend around, who eats about twice as much as I do…so I’m ending up with a whole lot of left-overs every time I cook here. But, you know, that’s not the worst thing! It’s actually a lifesaver whenever I come home late, or simply am too tired or overwhelmed to cook (which has been the case a few times the past week especially…starting a new job is always tough at first, they say).

2015-09-22 19.36.19

I ended up sprinkling the pata with both a chopped green onion and pumpkin seeds, simply because I felt like I needed an extra “crunch”. This perfect comfort dish is so quickly made that I can seriously not imagine ever not having any time for cooking healthily. It’s all about the priorites and about planning ahead. To read more on that, read the post I wrote on meal planning!

I thought I’d make myself a cup of tea before bed earlier, and was acutally also planning on baking some cookies using the nutpulp…but I somehow doubt that’ll happen now that it’s already a quarter past ten. I’m copping out and going to bed, folks, otherwise I’ll be of no use tomorrow. But, tomorrow night’s another…uhm…day…and perhaps I’ll have enough energy to creatively come up with a white chocolate chip cashew nutpulp cookie for you then. Good night everybody, and I hope you enjoyed this post!

P.S. On a blogger note: Does anybody know how to publish a post that will only be visible and accessible to the followers of the blog? I have a special surprise planned for Friday, as it’s my blog’s birthday, but I’d like to keep it followers-only. If anybody is willing to help (I’m using, not org!!!), I’d be glad to hear from you!


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