Let’s Celebrate: Free Cookbook Download

Whooooppppdeeeedoooo! It’s hitbycoconuts’ birthday today!

A year ago, I started this blog, after actually just playing around a bit online, looking for a way to distract myself from the impending exams. I wanted to keep it a secret from my friends and family, felt a little like it was something “embarrassing” I was doing. But, when the first of you (non-related) guys started following me, I felt so thrilled and thankful that I had to keep going.

Birthdays are my favorite days, which is why I find it so awesome that my blog’s birthday is today! And, as is usual on birthdays, I also have a little present…for you. Oh wait, that’s the wrong way around, but who cares, I figure it’s you guys who keep this blog alive, so it’s time to shower you with…uhm…1 gift. 🙂

I have played around with a little PDF Cookbook, mostly to see if I could come up with a cool gift for my best friend, whose birthday it was last Friday. But, playing around turned into actually thinking about publishing to deciding that a gift was much better, cooler, and less of a hassle for me.

The PDF Cookbook consists of 16 exclusive recipes that can all be found on the blog, but they have been perfected and formatted so that you can easily print and use them in your daily life. I find it helpful to have an actual “booklet” to look at sometimes, so I hope this will be helpful for you, too.

Therefore, without much further ado, I want to invite all my followers to check out my download! You will need a password to be able to view and download the pdf, but, if you’re a follower, you can write me an email and I’ll gladly send you the link (I’m sorry that I have no elegant way of letting you know the password, I really tried but I haven’t found a way. Can anybody help?).

If you haven’t followed my blog, I’d like to invite you to do so, as only as a follower will you receive the password (via the welcome email). I’m sorry if that seems fishy, but having a food blog is all about expanding your fan base, and, if you’re reading this, I assume you are already interested anyways. To give you that last little nudge, I’ve come up with the cookbook and hope you’ll love it!

For the Cookbook, click on THIS LINK to be transferred to the download site. Let’s celebrate together!


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