Track It SATURDAY: A Weekend Day

I know, I know, I usually feature my Tuesday in my food diary, but, first of all, today is a crazy day where I doubt I’ll be able to take (pretty) pictures of all I am eating, and secondly, I figured it might interest you not only what a typical day throughout the week looks like for me, but what it’s like on the weekend! For most people (as it is for me), the weekend is time of indulging, of perhaps drinking alcohol or treating yourself with something you wouldn’t normally have. Which is perfect in my book, as it’s all about the balance (an not too much balance!). So, Track it SATURDAY it is…posted on a Tuesday. Yeah, wrap your head around that for a second. 🙂

I had a pretty “boring” weekend, but it was all the more relaxing for it. I didn’t drive home, which made me a bit sad and lonely, but, since my boyfriend wouldn’t have been home, it was just the way things had to be. I actually managed to get quite a bit of stuff done on Saturday, which was pretty great, and I hope it will save me stressing out over stuff this week.

I didn’t set an alarm, and was really happy I could “sleep in” for once…and woke up at 8.30 am. I felt like a grandma who no longer has the ability to sleep in for real. But, then again, I have always been a morning person, and when I am awake, I’m awake. I therefore got up and made myself a nice breakfast, and, as a grandma would do, spend about an hour reading the newspaper.

9.00 am: Coffee with cashew milk, a berry smoothie, and some pb and banana on toast, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon (If you haven’t tried that combination, you really should. It’s heavenly!)

2015-09-26 09.15.13

I spent my morning cleaning up a bit around the apartment, vaccuum cleaned, and then made my way to the local market. I posted my foodhaul on Instagram, in case you’re interested! I’m set for the week concerning veggies and fruit, for sure, and it’s all organic and all the more yummy for it. (“all the more for it” seems to be my new favorite expression…)

After I got back, I wasn’t really hungry yet, eventhough it was already 1pm. I spent half an hour putting away the groceries, and started feeling really tired, which I quickly realized must be because I actually was undernourished. I fixed myself a quick cheesy omelette, stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, and a cut up apple on the side.

2.00 pm: Goat’s Cheese Omelette stuffed with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, and apple slices.

2015-09-26 13.45.52

Ever since I moved away, I have really not been enjoying eating that much. I prefer it when I can share my food with other people, and get really into cooking something special when I know my boyfriend or others are eating with me. I know this is something everybody living by themselves experiences…I still cook for myself, probably a lot more than others would, but I feel like I am just not as creative and loving in preparing it. I am so looking forward to going home next weekend and finally seeing my boyfriend, and not having to eat every meal by myself…at least for one weekend.

I spent my afternoon preparing an English lesson I get to do next week, in fifth grade. Fifth graders are only just starting to learn English in Germany, and so it’s quite a challenge to teach them English in English. It really took me quite a while, and, at around 5.30pm, I realized I just needed a break. And some sugar.

So I made myself another cup of coffee with my favorite creamer: cashew milk, and ate 4 (FOUR!!!) of my white chocolate chunk cashew cookies. I guess I really needed the sugar!

6 pm: A cup of coffee and white chocolate chunk cashew cookies

2015-09-25 17.52.29

It was obviously pretty late for tea time, but my whole rhythm was off on Saturday, and I didn’t care. I wrote a couple of emails after I had had my coffee, and then I wanted to make pumpkin soup, mostly so I’d have left-overs for the rest of the week…only to realize that my pumpkin was far from ripe! It was green inside, which was so disappointing! I therefore had some rye bread topped with boiled ham, romaine lettuce and mustard for dinner. As that was not really happiness-inducing (I had dreamt of soup all day), I added a few olives I had bought at the market earlier that day, some goat’s cheese and a bit of dark chocolate. I usually don’t have that much “sweet stuff” on one day, but, I really needed brain food, and, Aunt Irma was visiting me so I had bad cramps, and a bit of a mood, and felt lonely and sad, so it had to be chocolate. Oh, and I even opened a bottle of red wine and had one glass to accompany my dinner. Talk about treating yourself!

8 pm: Ham on Rye, Olives, Goat’s Cheese, Dark Chocolate (75%) and a glass of dry red wine

2015-09-26 19.45.11

Oh yes, and my landlords gave me some of their beet salad to try, and it was really good! It actually lifted my mood quite a bit. 🙂

Okay, so that’s what a (stay-at-home) weekend looks like for me. I do indulge in alcohol and chocolate more easily on the weekend, but that’s fine by me. I just dislike the fact that I know have 3/4 of a wine bottle open that I am not sure what to do with…I’m really not the type of person to have a glass of wine every night.

By the way, for those of you who missed it: As my blog turned “1 year old” on Friday, I am offering a free cookbook download to all my followers! To get the link and password, you simply need to follow me, or, if you’re already following me, write me an email (you can find my contact data here), and I’ll send you the link and password myself.


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