Vegetarian Birthday 3-course-meal

Last week, it was my mom’s birthday. I was pretty upset I couldn’t be there, but that’s just how life goes sometimes, I guess. I myself am very big on birthdays, and therefore I’m always upset when I can’t be there when other people are celebrating theirs…but, I made up for it this week. My present was that I cooked a 3-course meal for my mom, and I must say it was super special to spend one-on-one time with my mom like that. Turns out we haven’t done that in ages!

The menu I cooked was very allergy-friendly, as my mom suffers from quite a few food allergies. The menu is soy-free, nut-free, milk-free, glutenfree, refined-sugarfree, and it still tasted delicious. Don’t believe me? Have a look:

As an appetizer/starter, I presented my mom with some freshly pressed apple-ginger-lemon juice shot, which fit perfectly into the asian theme of the menu. I tried to incorporate ginger/citric flavors into every course, and I feel like I managed to uphold the asian flavors in every dish!

Appetizer/Starter: Apple-Ginger-Lemon Shot

2015-10-17 13.35.56

Next, I made my shrimp curry on a bed of zoodles and rice pasta. Click this link for the recipe (there’s a vegan option included).

Main Dish: Shrimp Curry on Zoodles and Rice Noodles

2015-10-17 13.53.34

I love how quickly this can be made while still tasting utterly delicious and special. it really is a 20 minute-dish, so it’s perfect if you want to imppress but don’t feel like being in the kitchen the entire day! I actually had a hairdresser’s appointment before cooking for my mom, and ended up being really short on time, because I had and wait for my appointemnt for half an hour! Therefore, this dish was truly perfect to prepare in a short time.

2015-10-17 13.53.51

Finally, the course that is almost always the most interesting: the dessert! I served my mom baked mangoes with whipped coconut cream and coconut chips. The baked mangoes were drizzled with honey and I sprinkled a bit of dried chili powder on top for an extra kick…it went so well with the sweet coconut whip (it wasn’t from a can of coconut milk, but actually bought coconut whip from our local supermarket which has really stocked up on vegan goodies!!!). I was anxious to try it, and must say it is really very very sweet, but, combined with the citric taste of the mango, it was perfect! The combination of cooled whip and baked mango was also amazing!

Dessert: Baked Mango Halves with Coconut Whip and Coconut Chips

2015-10-17 14.49.47

The coconut chips added a fun crunch, and, like I said, the dessert was the “real attraction” of the menu. I love how easy it was to assemble this yummy meal, and make it look extra decadent and wonderful despite its simplicity.

2015-10-17 14.49.53

It was perfect for the occasion, too, as my mom and I had lots of time to catch up and I didn’t have to disappear into the kitchen every five minutes. And that’s what makes a 3-course-meal manageable, right?

Let me know what you think of these dishes! I felt like they all complemented each other very well, and the whole menu wasn’t too heavy! My mom and I even agreed that the baked mango would make a perfect dessert for Christmas Eve. 🙂


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