Product Review: Vegan Goodies Coming To Germany

First of all: Happy Halloween! I hope you’re all doing something scary tonight. 🙂

Second of all, I have an announcement: Edeka is officially the best German food store I have ever seen.

The last time I went to “Edeka”, a supermarket chain here in Germany, I almost did a victory dance through the different aisles. I think I spent about an hour longer in the supermarket than I had originally planned, because I was so overwhelmed by the new products they now offer – most of which I only know from Instagram or various American Foodblogs. How exciting is it that they can now be bought at the local foodstore in Germany, too?

As I know not everybody gets as excited about new products as I do, and may therefore hesitate to buy them, I figured I’d review the things I bought for you, and then you’ll be able to pick and choose what you may want to buy and try yourself. Sounds good? Let’s go.

1. Hemp Milk

2015-10-21 18.16.46

I still can’t believe that I was lucky enough to find hemp milk in Germany. I had never seen it in any food store, be it a store that specializes in organic food, allergy food, or whatever. I saw it by chance at a the shop “Kaufland”, and had to try it right away! Granted, at over 3 Euros per litre, it is extremely expensive – but I must say I feel like it’s worth buying from time to time! I have yet to find another plant milk (besides cashew milk, but I make that myself) that I love as much in my coffee. I think I am going to stock up on a few litres and solely use hemp milk as my coffee creamer, as it is truly delicious! If you miss drinking plain milk, I think hemp milk would also serve as a good substitute, as it truly tastes very mild and extremely cream-like!

What: Hemp milk

Where can you get it: Kaufland, Edeka

2. Wirsing Chips / Kale Chips

2015-10-20 19.20.41

When I saw that they actually sell “Wirsing Chips”, which is Kale chips in German, at Edeka, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to buy a pack and taste-test them, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed! I love how cheesy these taste without actually containing any cheese, and how crisp and crunchy they are without containing any oil. I am not a big chips-eater, so I don’t really need a substitute, but I can imagine buying these once in a while for a movie night, for example. I am sure these also taste delicious over a salad or dipped in some hummus or tomato dip!

2015-10-20 19.20.54

What: Kale Chips

Where can you get it: Edeka

3. Coconut Whip

So this might seem redundant, but I am not talking about the canned coconut cream/milk you can buy, the one I use for making homemade whipped coconut cream. No, I actually found coconut whip, and tested it when I made the 3-course-meal for my mom.

2015-10-21 18.18.11

I must say that I still prefer the homemade whipped coconut cream I make from canned coconut milk, but the advantage of this bought version is that a) it really firms up a lot more in comparison to the homemade one and b) you don’t have to remember to keep a can of coconut milk cooled in the fridge at all times. It is sweetened A LOT, which is not perfect, but at least they used molasses and not refined sugar to do so. If you’re using this on top of some citric/tangy fruit, the sweetness is actually quite nice. But in general, I don’t think this will become a staple. It’s fun to have around, and I’m sure it’s perfect on cakes, but it isn’t truly “clean” and too sweet.

What: Coconut whip

Where can you get it: Edeka, Kaufland, tegut

4. Vegan White Chocolate

And, finally: I found a vegan white chocolate that matches milk chocolate in taste! I have never been a big fan of white chocolate, even when I was still eating dairy, but as these things go, once you’re not allowed to have something, you really want it!

2015-10-21 18.17.11

I love this white chocolate in my white chocolate chunk cashew cookies, or molten into a hot bowl of oatmeal! Granted, it is very sweet, but you can taste the vanilla so nicely that I really truly recommend you buy this chocolate. It is perfect!

What: Vegan White Chocolate

Where can you get it: dm (drug store)

Alright, that’s it for today. I hope this helped, and, in case you’re wondering where I got the dried papaya I showed above: As it says on the package, it’s from Edeka. It’s nothing “new” though, so I didn’t include it in my critique. I do recommend you buy it, though, as it’s truly delicious as well, and has no added sugar or oil!


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