Green Matcha Vanilla Overnight Oats

I have had matcha powder sitting around in one of my kitchen drawer’s for a while, well, ever since I bought it, actually. I made myself a matcha latte once or twice, but I don’t really get the hype, to be honest. I used it in a few smoothies, but I have to admit that I’m drinking less smoothies now that it’s getting colder, so my matcha supply hasn’t really been diminished. Now that I have come up with this beautiful recipe, though, that may change…get your hopes up alright, people, because I have a new favorite breakfast to share!

After going through half a week of only having a cup of cashew-creamed coffee and fruit for breakfast, I figured it was time for a change. I have those “coffee-and-fruit” mornings sometimes, either when I’m settling back into getting up early, or when I feel like I need to lighten up a little eating-wise. Or when I’m in a bad place emotionally. I think last week was a mix of those for me, but I’m glad I’m back to my normal breakfast routine now.

School has been getting a lot more intense, and I’m trying hard to keep my joy in all of it. I now have two classes I am wholly responsible for, which isn’t so hard on paper, but I am finding myself in awe of that responsibility. When you’re in front of a class as a young teacher, it really does feel like a million expectations are washing over you and it’s hard to catch a breath. I have gotten to known my own pupils better, though, which is definitely helpful. Nevertheless, I am starting to feel the pressure of it all a lot more.

Also, while being away from home throughout the week was alright for the first few weeks of working, I am starting to feel like it is really straining. Both my boyfriend and I have come to the conclusion that we’re simply suffering from the fact we’re no longer in close proximity of each other, and therefore we’re both in such a bad mood constantly. And perhaps a shared bad mood means there’s less to go around? What do you think? 🙂

What definitely helps when you’re in a bad mood is making yourself breakfast…start your day well, and the rest will follow! That’s a statement I have definitely found to be true. Starting the day with this particular green matcha overnight oat jar is bound to make the day bearable, if not pretty great. Besides it’s lovely, velvety and smooth taste, it also looks really cool (all hail the matcha)!

2015-11-10 19.58.52

While I was making these overnight oats, I realized I had never uploaded an overnight oats recipe before…which is strange, because overnight oats are one of my favorite breakfasts to have. It has been a little warmer weather-wise, which means I didn’t have as much warm oatmeal, but opted for the “cold” version.

2015-11-11 07.10.01

Green Matcha Vanilla Overnight Oats

  • Servings: 1
  • Print


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1 Tbs. chia seeds
  • 1/2 banana, mashed
  • 1 tsp. cashew butter
  • 1 bamboo spoonful matcha
  • 1/2 tsp. ground vanilla
  • 1 cup hemp milk


  1. In a jar, mix all the ingredients and store sealed in the fridge overnight.
  2. The next morning, top with fresh fruit and enjoy!

What I love about overnight oats is

a) you can prepare them the night before, making for a super quick breakfast prep in the morning

b) they are satisfying and will keep you full till lunch


c) they are deliciously healthy.

And when I say you can prepare them quickly, I really mean it. There is absolutely no excuse not to have breakfast! This is also a travel-safe breakfast, so go ahead and have some in your morning break at work if you can’t eat anything before that.

2015-11-10 20.01.06 2015-11-10 20.05.08

Whether or not you use cashew butter or almond butter is up to you – I don’t do well with almonds, so I prefer cashew butter. And I must say I love its “silky” texture and mild taste (I also love cashew milk)…I’m not sure if almond butter is quite the same in that sense.

2015-11-10 20.06.23

I was a bit sloppy with the hemp milk, but wanted to show you how “runny” my oatmeal is the night before. The next morning, they look like this:

2015-11-11 07.09.40

Amazing stuff, right? And all due to the chia seeds and oats, soaking up all the goodness.

2015-11-11 07.13.11

I topped mine with a green granny smith apple, because I couldn’t bear to change up the “green” theme of these overnight oats…kiwi would have worked wonderfully, too! I find that with this silky, smooth oatmeal with a wonderfully creamy vanilla taste, some exotic or slightly “sour” taste works very well. But that’s completely up to you, of course.

2015-11-11 07.12.49

Alright, people, I hope I’ve brightened your day (or more like your mornings) by bringing you this green breakfast, and I hope you manage to stay joyful despite all life may be throwing at you. I am certainly doing my best!


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