What I ate today: Detox

So the word “detox” is a total fad right now. But it does emit a lot of positivity, which is why I totally understand why products are so quickly described to be “detoxing” in nature, and which is also why I described my food diary as a “detox” day. I didn’t do any sports this week (minus yoga), which is something I generally don’t do too well with. And I was stressed out of my mind…the combination out of the two resulted in me feeling very tired, wiped out, and not at all like myself all week. I figured it was time to hit the reset button before the weekend, and I must say that after I “detoxed” last Friday, I felt much, much better.

As I’ve said before, I am a complete control freak. When one thing doesn’t go as planned, I start freaking out fairly quickly…even if I try hard to hide it. The stress that creates disconnects me from myself somehow. And that shows in my eating, as I fairly seldomly have trouble knowing WHAT I’d like to eat, but this past week, my cravings have been either non-existent or completely uncharacteristic.

I guess it’s true when it’s said that stress is the biggest health risk, because I surely didn’t eat as healthy as I would’ve liked last week. Granted, a lot of eating out with colleagues was involved, and one very very bad wheat indulgence I no longer want to think of, but the end result was that I usually didn’t know where my appetite was at, and that’s not something I enjoy.

I figured it was time to “start over” mentally, mostly, and therefore focussed on what my body was saying for one day, and, lo and behold, my “healthy cravings” were back. Detox is more of a mental cleanse for me than a food-related cleanse. But, without further ado, let me just tell and show you what I had to eat last Friday.

6.30 am, Breakfast: 2 sliced apples and a coffee with hemp milk

2015-11-20 06.33.54

Now, before the health critics among you start discussing whether or not that’s “enough” for breakfast or not, please remember I went with my gut, and I didn’t feel like having anything other than that. The red bottle is filled with lemon-water, which I take to school daily.

I am still loving hemp milk in my coffee, and along with those two apples, I surprisingly didn’t feel hungry all morning. Goes to show that every day’s different.

1.45 pm, Lunch: Greek Salad Toss

2015-11-20 13.42.02

I rarely follow exact recipes when I make salads, usually I just toss whichever leafy greens I have around into a bowl, along with some veggies, a source of protein, and, if I’m not having a slice of bread on the side, I try adding some starches, like boiled potato in this case. I refilled my red bottle after I got home from school, and made myself a large pot of a mixed tea of green tea and apple tea. I focus a lot on hydrating on “detox days”, and I think I drank a total of 3,5 litres that day, which is really good for the cold weather outside.

2015-11-20 13.45.42

After I mixed my salad, I added the sheep’s milk feta on top, as well as some pumpkin seeds. If you’re looking to make this salad vegan, feel free to leave out the cheese and add some more olives, as well as some white bean croutons, perhaps?

I had planned on having a smoothie in the afternoon, even froze the perfectly ripe bananas I had lying around, but it turns out I didn’t need it. I was so focussed on the work I still had to do for school that I didn’t feel hungry. By the time I checked the time, it was already dinner time.

One thing I try to focus on when I feel like I overate or ate the wrong things or whatever, is that I try and reduce my salt-intake. I’m a sucker for salt, but it’s really such a bad habit. I usually immediately feel better when I reduce the amount of salt I use throughout the day. So, while my dinner may not look like a “detox” meal, I was extremely careful with my salt use, using herbs to bring out the actual veggie flavors instead.

7 pm, dinner: Detox Bowl (with brown rice, egg-plant in tomato-sauce, marjoram-peas and half an avocado with lemon juice)

2015-11-20 19.20.50

I love plates like this, you get so many different colors and textures on just one plate…and flavors! I have been adoring rice lately, as well. Whenever I think about which base I want my meals to have, I somehow want rice…strange. It was pasta for the longest time, but perhaps I’ve finally weaned myself off it?

I also had that banana for dessert…I really couldn’t resist, because the bananas I have are at their perfect ripeness right now! I love myself a spotted banana.

2015-11-20 19.40.35

I ended up sprinkling this banana coin heart with some cinnamon, and I think I’ve rarely enjoyed a banana as much. It was all about really tasting my food that day, and I’m positive that I’ll feel more in touch with myself this coming week…I actually already did last Friday.

What do you do when you feel like you need to detox? I have posted two different detox smoothies in the past, by the way. If you’re interested, check out my Detox Orange Smoothie and my Hydrating Green Smoothie.


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