Jump Start Day 2 – Set Goals

I am a little frustrated today. I was practicing my crow pose last week (that’s yoga lingo in case you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about) and fell for the first time ever, and I must’ve hurt my wrist in the process. It didn’t start hurting until New Year’s, but that’s the only way I can explain why my wrist has started hurting. It’s a bummer, because I am super motivated to continue to grow my yoga practice this year. Can’t do that with a hurting wrist, though…because seriously, how can you flow without your wrist? Nearly impossible.

Growing my yoga practice…that’s one of the goals I’d like to talk to you about today. I mentioned yesterday that I don’t think much of New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in setting goals for myself. I think there are two problems with starting something on January 1st:

First of all, we get into a kind of “This is the last time”-mentality, which doesn’t work for me personally at all. For example, if you say “This is the last time I’m going to treat myself to dessert before I go on a diet”, you are very likely to overeat and feel horrible the next day, which in turn is going to impend your motivation to actually do something that’s good for your body. If you were to say “I am only going to have a small serving of dessert because I’d like to make some changes for my health”, the likelihood that you’re not going to go overboard is much higher.

Secondly, making something dependant on an outside factor, like a specific date, is not very beneficial in making the decision to change something – whatever it is – for yourself. If you dislike something about your life, make a plan on how you’ll deal with it and change it! No matter what the date or time of day, just do it.

With all that being said, I have set goals for myself this year, and I have to say I rarely do so. Last year, I wanted to get back to healthy eating right after the Christmas festivities and didn’t see the point of waiting until New Year’s, and this year I am not really interested in the time of the year, I’m more focussed on when I’m on break from school and when I go back to teaching. As I have until Thursday to get into a routine that’s going to help me sustain my energy, this is the time and place to get started.

So, what are my plans? Well, following yesterday’s theme of remembering and looking back at the previous year, I have decided to change a few things gradually, which have nothing to do with diet or sports for a change.

During all that studying and testing going on at the beginning of last year, I got myself a few habits that I’d really like to get rid of, simply because they don’t serve me anymore. For example, I used to always turn on the TV when I wasn’t at my desk, studying, not to actually watch TV, but to have some background noise going on. I suspect it was to make me feel less lonely, as during my studious phase I was lonely A LOT. I didn’t have the energy to go out at night and see my friends, in fact I had no energy for anything but for studying.

I no longer need background noise, though. I spend my whole day in a classroom, breaktime is filled with SO MUCH NOISE and when I’m not teaching, I really just need to give myself a break. I therefore no longer want to turn on the TV unless I am actually sitting down to consciously watch something. So, goal # 1: No more unconscious TV watching.

That sounds hilarious if you only read the goal and not the description. 🙂

Another habit I want to get rid of is called instagram. No, I am not planning on no longer updating my instagram account, but I am seriously addicted. I shouldn’t feel the need to check instagram every hour, and I definitely don’t want to sit and watch one of my series and scroll through my insta feed at the same time. That’s just unnecessary, and not a habit I am proud of. Therefore, goal #2: Instagram-free phases throughout the day. And, most importantly, no instagram when I am trying to go to sleep. That’s just not helpful to calm down the brain.

The goal I already mentioned was that I want to grow my yoga practice. It’s sort of a “sports”-goal, I guess, but yoga is much more than just exercise for me. I have built the habit of doing yoga before school every morning, mostly because it helps me to wake up and consciously start my day. I want to keep that up, but at the same time I’d like to be able to do some fancy poses…I am able to do a headstand after a few weeks of practice, and would like to grow that into a handstand practice. Currently not possible though, because of said wrist problem. 😦

I’ll be telling you more about yoga and how I got into it as a complete beginner in tomorrow’s post. To end today’s, though, I’d like to share two snack ideas with you. I know that most people set dieting goals for themselves at the beginning of a New Year, and while I don’t think that diets are the answer to anything, I do believe in snacking wisely, and here are two of my absolute favorites at the moment:

2016-01-02 21.21.18


As shared on my instagram account, I am currently loving dipping apple slices in my date peanutbutter caramel. Sounds extremely indulgent, but packs only natural ingredients and is MUCH better for you than, say, a snickers bar. For the date caramel, simply blend 10 dates with a heaped teaspoon of all-natural peanutbutter, add some vanilla extract and as much water as needed to reach desired consistency. So easily made, and the caramel is so unbelievably good, you guys, you HAVE to try it. You’ll never crave packaged whip or dip again!

2015-12-31 17.17.39

My other new favorite snack is a savory one, so I hope that those of you who don’t like snacking on sweet things will enjoy this one: It’s white bean hummus on beet crackers topped with sliced veggies. Not rocket science, I know, but SO GOOD. I am writing up a product review soon and will include the beet crackers in that review, and the recipe for my white bean hummus is also coming soon! So stay tuned for that, if you’re interested.

2015-12-31 17.17.59

What are your goals for the coming weeks? If you do set goals for yourself, make sure they are SPECIFIC and REALISTIC. You’re not going to do follow through if you vow to “do more sports” or “eat better”. It’s much more effective to decide to “do sports twice a week”, or even better to “go to the fitness studio on Thursday afternoon and for a run with friend XY on Sundays”. Also, remember that goals aren’t always something that have to have to do our physical health…sometimes it’s much better to concentrate on our mental health and decide to detoxify your life from TV or mobile phone input (as I vow to continue to better in my life).

Have fun writing up your goals, and let me know what you come up with in the comments, if you like!



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