Jump Start Day 3 – How I started yoga

So as promised yesterday, I want to share my “yoga story” with you today, not that it’s extremely exciting or unusual. But I know that often I wonder how people go about starting a new sport at home, so perhaps this can be helpful for some of you looking to get into a new habit this year…and jump start your health in 2016.

Yoga has always been one of the most calming things for me. I once did a yoga class while I was graduating from high school, mostly because I was so stressed out I was having extreme back pain, so my doctor recommended doing some sort of relaxation class. I enjoyed it, but was the youngest among a lot of middle aged women, and it just felt weird.

A while later, when I was at university already, I bought a poweryoga DVD and it really REALLY helped with my back pain. Every time I did it, it would relax me, but I was having trouble keeping up with it regularly. Also, that one DVD got very boring after having done it a zillion times, and all the other DVDs I bought after that just didn’t excite me.

Stress and back pain go hand in hand for me, so it’s no surprise my back acted up again when I started studying for my final exams in October 2014. That’s when I discovered Yoga with Adriene – I think by simply googling “Online Yoga Classes” or something like that. I began by doing her 30-days-of-yoga challenge, and it seriously got me hooked. I probably needed around 45 days to complete her 30 day challenge, but it was one of the few things during that time that I did for me instead of for a greater cause.

Yoga with Adriene’s videos are truly superb, mostly because she is so down to earth and has the calmest voice, yet still cracks a joke here and there. I love all her videos, and she has taught me so so much! I have actually gotten in the habit of doing yoga EVERY MORNING before school, to wake up the body and start the day with an open mind.

Yoga is something that grows with practice. When I first started doing it, it was much more about the physical aspect rather then the mental aspect, but as I’ve started working and gotten quite busy, yoga has somehow helped me calm myself down and stay centered. It sounds so mythical and spacey, but really, to me, it’s all about the awareness yoga brings to your life. Not only awareness of your own body, but awareness for your surroundings, for what’s happenening in your life, and for what’s on your to-do list.

If you’re new to yoga, but have been wanting to try it, I suggest you start with the 30-day-challenge by Adriene Mishler. It’s for complete beginners, and after those 30 days you’ll have a pretty good grasp what it’s all about.

Trust me – try it once and you’ll reap all the benefits.

By the way, if you are struggling to find healthy treats for an update on your daily food intake, I highly suggest you try my protein raffaelo bliss balls! They’re depicted in the picture above and are my all-time-favorite non-chocolate sweet treat.



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