Jump Start Day 4 – My eating philosophy 2016

I have been asked about my “eating philosophy” so often in the past half year that I’ve decided to try and bundle it all up in a blog post for you. It’s not that my eating philosophy is super special or has changed so much within the last half year, but I have gotten to know a bunch of new people over the course of the past half year, and therefore have had the pleasure of explaining all about my intolerances/allergies and preferences. So here it goes: My wondrous super power special eating philosophy.

To make it more interesting for you, I’ve decided to make this in food diary format, as I have one saved up from the holidays, and I feel like that way I can more easily explain what I eat.

Let’s start with breakfast, shall we? I have already written a lot about my favorite breakfast foods in the past, but I find it extremely difficult to talk about my “typical breakfast” as it varies depending on the season and my mood. For example, in summer, I almost exclusively eat (green) smoothies and nicecream for breakfast. Occasionally, I’ll make myself overnight oats (I had a real phase concerning that this year). In fall and then winter, I usually go for oatmeal or banana bread, but recently I’ve gotten very simplistic and have loved making huge fruit bowls for breakfast.

Or, I have two eggs, sunny side up, on some homemade bread with a mango on the side.

2015-12-28 09.48.24

To be honest, there isn’t just one specific thing I eat for breakfast. I love keeping it a little bit lighter throughout the week, but I go BIG on the weekends, as you can see above.

What you can also see above is that I am not vegan. I eat a lot of vegan dishes, have vegan days (accidentally) and I love vegan products, but not due to ethical reasons. My body doesn’t tolerate cow milk (both lactose-intolerant and caseine-intolerant), so the vegan option is usually the best for me.

If I’ve had a large breakfast, my lunch will usually be quite light. Judging from my salad category, you’ll already know that I love salads for lunch, anyways…but I sometimes will have a thick smoothie and dip apple chips in there as well:

This is my Green Creamy Apple Pie Smoothie, by the way.

2015-12-28 13.12.02

I believe in intuitive eating, so eating what my body feels like. It’s tough because sometimes my brain gets in the way, but I’ve learned to trust my body over the years…at least a lot more than I used to. To read more about that, you may want to check out this post.

I eat meat, so I’m not vegetarian. I don’t eat a lot of meat, though, for a few reasons. First of all, I am not as good at cooking meat as my boyfriend is. And I’m 300km away throughout the week, so it’s kind of difficult to benefit from his cooking skills. Secondly, I didn’t grow up eating a lot of meat and while I do like a steak here and there, I don’t miss it if I don’t have any for a week or two. I love fish and sea food, though. Even shrimps, despite the fact that I’ve been served those raw (accidentally) at a restaurant two years ago. My sister never got over it, I somehow dealt with the trauma.

Getting back to how I eat in a day…if I only have a smoothie for lunch, chances are I’ll need a snack before dinner, especially if I’ve gone for a run or a swim. I personally love my White Bean Hummus, which is coming to the blog soonish. I only eat white bean hummus because my body hates chickpeas and I get serious break-outs, tummy issues and itchiness when I have them.

2015-12-28 16.31.38

Dipping carrots in hummus is fun, but I also love tomatoes or apples with hummus. I am not too concerned with how much fruit I eat throughout the day…so if I’m feeling like fruit in the afternoon or even at night, I’ll just go ahead and have it. That’s what I consider “intuitive”.

I also do my best to eat clean, by the way. What I mean by that is that I make almost everything from scratch (bread, soup, sauces, dips, bread spreads, cookies, cake etc.) and make sure to always read the labels. I don’t eat 100% clean on purpose, though. I even bought sriracha sauce two days ago, which contains fake flavoring…but it just tastes so good!

For dinner the other day, I had some pesto pasta with steamed broccoli and a salad on the side. The recipe for the pesto pasta is also coming soon (so many spoilers on here today!).

2015-12-28 18.15.24

One thing I believe in is making food look pretty. I arrange everything on my plates, mostly to take instagram pictures, but I feel like it helps me cherish my food. It definitely is part of my eating philosophy to consume food with awareness. I don’t always succeed, but it gets better continuously.

What is your eating philosophy? Are you planning on changing anything this year?

I don’t believe in dieting. It’s just too damn dangerous and usually ineffective. It harms your mind much more than it helps you lose weight, so I’ve given up on it long ago. I’d like to challenge you to take a look at what you’re eating and not beat yourself up in front of the mirror, but to see how you feel after you eat. If you feel fine, then perhaps it shouldn’t be your goal to change what you eat, but to change how you talk to yourself after you’ve eaten. If you feel terrible after you eat, though, perhaps you’re eating the wrong things? If that’s the case, I’d love to help you…I have so many delicous and healthy recipes on here that are super good for you, super easy to make and will get you back on track in no time. Just give it a try…or wait until tomorrow’s post when I share my tips for getting back on the healthy eating track for our last day of Jump Start Week.


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