Super Munchy Crunch Salad

I love the title of today’s post. It’s just so fun to say! Try it. Like five times. Do you get what I mean? 🙂

I have been putting off writing up the recipe for this fun salad for three days, but really, there’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever. I have been feeling weary of everything the past few days, which is probably due to the fact that I had to go back to my apartment 300 km away from home, and I had gotten so used to being with my boyfriend. I’ve had the blues, guys.

But, this salad is a game changer. It just makes everything better, even just saying it.

As school has started again, I am back on track eating healthily and am absolutely feeling the effect. As much as I enjoyed my time off, I do better eating-wise when I have a structured day, and my body knows when it’s gonna get food. My digestion had been wack all throughout my holiday, and especially after having way too much alcohol at New Year’s Eve. I am finally starting to feel like myself again concerning that, and can only say that eating mostly plant-based is always helpful.

I am still having fruit bowls or nicecream for breakfast, but that’s serving me quite well. For lunch, I have been having either salad or salad sandwiches for the past few days and I have rarely felt as good. I know that I shouldn’t fall into the “I always eat salad for lunch”-trap, as it starts to get obsessive in my head quite quickly, but as for now, I am doing so good with listening to my body’s needs. I’m so grateful for that, you wouldn’t imagine.

Besides eating a whole lot of salad and fruit, I have gotten back into the habit of adding my superfoods to my food. I have a whole cupboard full of wonderful natural additions that I seem to forget about way too much, and I am so excited to be getting back into the habit of using them regularly. For example, I topped my fruit bowl with some bee pollen on Thursday morning, and had my side salad with some goji berries. Last night, I had a chocolate smoothie (those of you following me on instagram will already know this) and added my barley grass powder, as well as some cacao nibs. Long story short, I am back on the superfood train and it’s definitely going well.

I also am back on smoothies, guys. I don’t have them as a meal, as I would during the warm summer months, but I really would like to get back into the habit of having a smoothie a day, or at least every second day. There’s just no better way of getting additional greens in, and I am enjoying experimenting. I don’t have a juicer here, but I’ll save that for the weekends when I’m at home. I’m thinking of a kiwi-cucumber-mint juice real soon. Stay tuned for that. 🙂

Alright, but let’s get back to the super munchy crunch salad I actually wanted to tell you about. It’s actually quite simple, but seriously addictive as EVERY SINGLE BITE is crunchy. Ain’t nobody got time for a soggy salad, right? This is for everybody who may want to lighten up their diet but wants to a) feel satisfied after a meal and b) have a lot of fun eating it, too.

2016-01-07 12.54.11

The salad is fully vegan, if you switch out the honey in my every day salad dressing for maple syrup. It combines a wonderful mix of baby carrots, soaked walnuts, apple and celery sticks. Why do I soak walnuts? Because they are just SO MUCH BETTER when you do. I already told you about that in my Meal Prep Post I wrote a while back, but soaking hard nuts like walnuts or brazil nuts really brings out the best in them. They seem somehow crunchier and more refreshing (if nuts even can be) if they are soaked…I have no idea if it changes their nutritional value or if it helps digest them, but I just like them better soaked.

2016-01-07 12.54.35

Super Munchy Crunch Salad

  • Servings: 1
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  • 1 baby romaine lettuce, chopped
  • 1 celery sticked, sliced
  • 1/3 cup chopped baby carrots
  • 1/3 cup soaked walnuts, chopped
  • 1/2 apple, chopped
  • 3-4 Tbs. of my Perfect Every Day Salad Dressing


1. Add all the ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Mix with your salad dressing.

3. Serve immediately for the ultimate crunch.

I prepared the celery, walnuts and carrots the night before, so when I got home after school and was famished, all I had to do was chop the romaine lettuce and throw it all together – making lunch in under 10 minutes. There is really NO EXCUSE for eating unhealthily because it’s supposedly quicker, it’s seriously about the priority and time you take to PREPARE. I know it seems like everybody always just says that and has a lot of time, but trust me, I have continuously kept up preparing healthy food throughout moving, starting my new job as a teacher (which entails staying at school past 1 pm 3 times a week at least and working at home until 8-9pm, so stop smirking) and it’s really, REALLY just about making it a habit. But read the Meal Prep post I linked above to find out more about how I do it.

2016-01-07 12.54.01

Because the salad itself wasn’t appealing enough, I decided to add half a cucumber. I adore this plate, it just looks so beautiful.

I ended up making myself a grilled cheese to go along with my crunchy salad, staying in tune with my cravings. I always use rye bread for making my grilled cheese, as well as goat’s cheese because I don’t do cow milk. For this particular meal, I spread some butter on the outer sides (both top and bottom) and found that to be one of the most effective ways of making sure it doesn’t burn but not pouring butter or oil over the whole thing. I have used coconut oil before and that works wonderfully as well.

2016-01-07 12.55.20

Now that’s just perfect, isn’t it? I am starting to get excited just looking at it…and I am guessing I will have to make this again, tomorrow. Still got some carrots and celery sticks left, so all I need to do is soak my walnuts overnight…WHOOPIE!

2016-01-07 12.55.26

How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Have you been able to uphold them so far? By the way, what did you think of my Jump Start Week? As always, I didn’t really get a lot of feedback on that, which kind of makes me a little disappointed most of the time…what do I need to do to get you wonderful people to talk around here!? 🙂

I have realized that while I did mention some of my resolutions or should I say plans for 2016, I am coming up with new goals every day. For example, the whole “a smoothie a day” thing I told you about above is nothing I am going to force myself to do, but I really feel like it’s helping me to a) get in my greens and vitamins and b) staying fuelled throughout the day without feeling guilty or over-excessive. So I am gonna stick to that, I think.

If you are looking for more salad ideas because you want to eat more healthily (or continue to do so this year), I have listed up my 3 favorite salads from the blog below:

For even more, check out my “A year of salads”-Category in particular. There’s something there for everyone, I’m sure.


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