Track it Monday – Getting my energy back

A week ago, I was finally done with that one important lesson I had two weeks to prepare, the one every teacher in training has to do within the first half year of teaching. It’s an insanely unnatural situation: you plan a lesson with way too much content, have an amazing plan and hope that it somehow works out so that you will get that “A” you crave. And then you’re done, you’ve got the “A”, and instead of feeling like you’ve achieved something, you just feel wiped out and tired.

Honestly, that feeling hasn’t really gone away much.

Which is why I thought I’d share a food diary with you today, showing you what I’m eating in an attempt to get my energy back. I have to say I’m not feeling super duper concerning my body at the moment, which is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t been doing as much sports as I usually am (due to lack of energy), and overall, I just feel icky, tired, sad. Not a nice state to be in.

This morning, however, I did wake up feeling a little restored, which was nice. I slept well, and had fun doing some yoga for the first time in two or three weeks….I didn’t let go of my morning ritual of doing 20-30 minutes of yoga to wake up, but it had become a bit of a chore. This morning, that was much better. I actually felt a little restored.

I started my day with a glass of lemon water (as every person who has ever shared a food diary does). It’s really a force of habit. After that, I made myself some apple-fennel tea, which is my absolute favorite at the moment, accompanied by a cereal bowl with spelt flakes, pumpkin seeds, banana and coconut milk.

6.40 am: Breakfast

2016-02-01 06.44.05

I have had a phase of eating only fruit for breakfast, but as all phases go, I feel like I’m back to oatmeal and cereal right now. I love adding some puffed/flaked grain along with some seeds, dried fruit at times and some fresh fruit to a bowl and pouring some plant or nutmilk on top. I have been loving puffed cereal (without added sugar or oil, though!) because it fills me up without being as “heavy” as oatmeal.

Today was fairly relaxed at school, I only had one lesson to teach in English and it was quite fun as I tried something completely new with my students. I won’t get into the details, but it allowed my school day to end happily. After school, I had one course (teacher’s trainees still have to go to classes) and so I had a packed lunch.

1 pm: Lunch

2016-02-01 06.36.58

I prepared this rye bun topped with sunbutter-rocket-spread, turkey and lettuce in the morning, as well as two small peppers. The peppers were deliciously sweet, they tasted so good! I always, and I mean ALWAYS pack my lunch if I know I have to stay at school past 1 pm, as I know I can’t quickly buy something due to my wheat- and dairy-intolerance. It makes healthy eating much easier if you’re forced to plan ahead.

After school, I went grocery shopping and, by the time I got home, I actually felt quite hungry. I made myself a huge smoothie to fill up until dinner. It was made up of a large frozen banana, one frozen mango, a handful of spinach, the juice from 3 small oranges, baobab powder, matcha, barley grass powder, coconut cream and coconut water. It was unbelievably delicious and had an “ice-cream” texture. I actually felt like it got my energy levels up a bit, I did a revitalizing yoga flow after that and then proceeded to do some correcting for school.

3.15 pm: Snack

2016-02-01 15.16.54

I have been trying to drink a smoothie a day, simply because I feel like it’s the only way to get a huge serving of fruit and veggies in. I love smoothies, they are seriously the most vitamin-packed snacks ever.

For dinner, I wanted to try one of deliciously ella’s recipes from her first cookbook. It’s an easy quinoa dish with sautéed zucchini and broccoli and it was amazing! I sided it with a salad made up of rocket, green onions, cherry tomatoes and avocado, and the combination with the quinoa was seriously great. I love plant-based dinners.

6.30 pm: Dinner

2016-02-01 18.18.38

I didn’t feel completely full after this plate, and wanted to save the other half of the quinoa for tomorrow, so I had a clif bar as “dessert”. I recently bought a few because they were reduced in price, and, well, whenever I have clif bars at home, I need to eat them.

Post-Dinner Snack

2016-02-01 18.33.43

So, that was it for today. I am probably heading to the bathtub now, because I have a bad headache (seems to be a normality for me) and bathing helps a lot. I actually feel tired enough to go to bed, but, well, if I go to sleep now, I’ll probably be awake at 4 am.

I hope you are all doing a bit better energy-wise than me! Have a great week.


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