What I ate Wednesday (or: Headache-day)

Today, everyone around me, including myself, seemed to a) have a bad day and b) have a headache. I have no idea if the first was cause of or caused the latter, but it definitely hasn’t been the greatest day. I am proud of myself, though, because I did my very best not to get too swept up in it. I did whine a lot about everything, of course, but I still managed to prepare a lesson for next week after school (and after taking a nap). My headache is gone now, which is nice, too. So, in summary, today hasn’t been the best, but I have definitely – DEFINITELY – had worse days. And one thing I’ve done today that worked out well was keep a food diary for you – eventhough I really don’t know if anyone even reads these things, as it seems like anything not containing a recipe isn’t on high demand around here. Lucky for me, I’m in charge, so if I want to post a food diary, I can. Boo yah!

If you keep reading after that intro, you really must like me.

I’m in the strangest mood tonight. I really should be getting to bed, but I feel like I really should be writing this blog post at the same time, so I’m in a real bind about that. I am always so unbelievably exhausted all day, and then bed time comes around and I am able to spend an hour doing pointless stuff, not feeling tired at all. Where is the logic in that!? I think it’s due to the fact that I have so little spare time throughout the day – which is exhausting – that when I finally am able to take a few minutes to relax, my brain decides to go hyperactive. Don’t know if that clears up anything, but it makes a bit of sense to me.

I have been trying to cut down on my grocery shopping lately because I feel like that’s where most of my money is going. I try to clean out my fridge completely by the end of the week, anyways, as I’m usally at home on the weekends, so having too much stuff around is annoying. As it’s getting warmer, it’s not as easy to transport left-overs, which is yet another reason to try and eat up all the food I have.

The problem is, I am a) a food-enthusiast, b) a grocery-shopping-enthusiast and c) a foodblogger, so I always feel like I could buy some sort of grocery. Still, I have stopped meal-planning majorly and have started a more intuitive and random way of eating. I basically just throw together what I have and make do. It works out fine for me, in fact it makes life a lot easier. And I probably still put more effort into my meals than most normal people.

But before I ramble on any more, let’s just get to my food diary so I can finally get to bed. (That’s an incredibly motivating thing to say, I know.)

6.30 am: 2 carrot cake breakfast cookies with an orange, half a banana and some cashew-milk-creamed-coffee

2016-06-08 06.38.18.jpg

I have been religiously meal-prepping some sort of baked good on Sundays for the past few weeks, which makes it so easy to just grab a quick breakfast out of the fridge. I love these carrot cake breakfast cookies by Angela Liddon (Oh She Glows), so if you have the time, go check out her recipe. They are truly breakfast cookies – which to me means they are healthy enough to eat for breakfast and not too sweet – and I really love carrot cake, so that’s perfect for me.

Don’t get me started on my cashew milk. I make it every week, unless I run out of cashews. Those weeks tend to be sad weeks.

12.15: Green Salad topped with beets, olives, a few baked potatoes, hemp seeds, tomatoes and cucumbers with a raspberry-vinaigrette + half a pear and walnut clusters

As I’m typing this I just realized I ate completely vegan all day. Whoops. That often happens without me trying – thank my dairy-intolerance and lacking meat-enthusiasm.

I usually add loads of toppings to my salads, as you tell by the picture above. I promise there are some greens under there. I always pack my dressing on the side if I’m taking my lunch to school, otherwise the salad gets all soggy and gross. I was feeling in the mood for some experimenting last night, so I made my own walnut clusters by stirring together some walnuts, honey, coconut oil, chia seeds and cinnamon. (Oh, so honey isn’t vegan – never mind about eating vegan all day!) The clusters went perfectly with the pear and I will definitely have to make them again so I can write up the recipe with some good pictures for you. It’s such an easy but satisfying and delicious snack!

3.50 pm: Grapes, the other half of the banana from breakfast, some ryebread with cashew butter and jam, and some cashew-milk-creamed-coffee.

2016-06-08 16.16.06

Have I mentioned that I love cashews? Give me cashews in milk, butter or fudge form, and I’ll probably kiss you. Fun fact: I prefer munching on walnuts over cashews. The plain cashew nut doesn’t excite me too much.

I ended up having a fairly late dinner, but that’s how it’s been all week, so that’s alright. As I usually need a little snack when I come home from school, I’m nowhere close to being hungry at 6 pm, and it actually helps me be motivated to work out before dinner if I’m not lacking sugar.

8 pm: Left-over zoodles with Cashew-Avocado-Pesto, Sundried-Tomato-Quinoa Patties and some cherry tomatoes.

2016-06-08 20.00.05

Like I said, these days I’m more focussed on always getting rid of all the left-overs rather than cooking up a new dish, which is why often times my dinners look like this. I made deliciouslyella’s cashew-avocado-pesto last night and had some spelt paste mixed with zoodles mixed with pesto left-over, so I heated that up and topped it with pumpkin seeds, as you can see. I also had some quinoa left-over from some wraps I made on Monday, so I whisked them together with some mashed beans and chopped sundried tomatoes, as well as one egg and some corn flour (Okay, I lied – this day was nowhere close to vegan, sorry ’bout that). It’s super easy to make patties out of left-over grains, you can mix them with something “creamy” and then sautée them in a pan until crispy and brown. I topped them with some sriracha for extra flavor, and that was my dinner! Super satisfying and yummy.

I wasn’t really craving dessert badly, but since I know my cashew milk usually doesn’t last for longer than three days and today was the third day, I really needed to use it up. I just can’t bear to waste anything cashew. I think I might have a cashew addiction. A cashewholic.

Wow, I’m weird tonight.

Anyways, I made an iced chocolate nutella shake with my left-over cashew milk, adding a glass of the cashew milk to a blender with some ice, half a Tbs. of some vegan nutella I have, a Tbs. of cocoa and a Tbs. of maple syrup. Makes for the perfect iced chocolate shake that will definitely satisfy and sweet craving you might have without giving you a sugarrush.

9 pm: Iced Cashew Chocolate Nutella Shake

2016-06-08 20.16.02

And with this beautiful image, I shall leave you and get ready for bed. I hope you enjoyed my rambling food diary – stay tuned for some new recipes soon. Inspiration’s back, y’all!


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