Track it: A Spa Day

My whole family’s off on holiday this week and my boyfriend’s in Costa Rica, working. Which means I’m all to my lonesome self, and when I say lonesome, I mean it. The first few days were okay, but I’m starting to feel like a single, abandoned person who is slowly but surely starting to hybernate in her apartment with the shutters down. Please, everybody, throw me a pity party already.

What to do when you feel like you’re not hitting your summer break’s full potential? That’s right, organize a spa day for yourself and get over it.

A spa day usually consists lots of pampering and self-love, which is exactly what I organized for myself without actually going to a spa. I started my day with my favorite breakfast at the moment: peanbutbutter and honey on rye, a fruitbowl, a coconut latte. And another piece of rye bread with chocolate tahini, because, well, a spa day of pampering means lots of chocolate going on. Just wait.

9.00 am: Breakfast

2016-08-23 10.25.42

I truly believe in infusing water to make it more tasty and vitamin-rich, so the pink water you see is simply infused with lemon and raspberry:

2016-08-23 11.28.02

You can refill this as many times as you like throughout your day. Obviously, it’ll lose taste the more often you refill it, but the color is likely to stick throughout all the refills, which is pretty nice.

I went for a Thai massage at 11.00, which was great for both mind and soul. I love the lady who offers the massages here, she has the most calming little studio and is a sweet soul. I went fairly frequently last year when I was studying for my final exams, to unwind and get rid of some of the stress I was feeling.

Afterwards, I fixed myself the world’s easiest lunch: Two cobbs of corn, grilled in the oven, and some refreshing detox juice I’ll share with you soon.

around 1 pm: Lunch

2016-08-23 14.58.26

Sometimes I find the simplest dishes to be the most satisfying. And yes, I added a slab of butter on top and lots of salt. That’s the only way to eat corn, in my opinion.

I did feel a bit peckish afterwards, so I defrosted two of my chocolate coated white bean cookie dough balls for dessert. Plus, I got some protein in after a very high-carb lunch:

These are so easy to make and a great snack to have on hand if you’re looking to curb a chocolate craving without all the refined sugar. I had coated them with chocolate, too, which means these were double-choc, as they contain chocolate chips. I told you there’d be a lot of chocolate.

Towards the evening, I actually felt like taking a bath. Which is extremely strange due to the temperature outside, but I thought I’d fulfill the expectations anybody would have concerning a spa day and go with it. Just should’ve allowed the water to be a little cooler, ’cause it was just a very hot day to be having a bath.

Post-bathing I was in the mood for some true comfort food, so I whipped up a quick pasta dish consisting of homemade basil pesto, pasta, and a salad dressed with rich vegan ranch dressing. Topped with nutritional yeast, it felt super unhealthy while packing in the nutrients. Plus, I just noticed I ate vegan yesterday.

7.00 pm: Dinner

2016-08-23 18.18.02

I used a recipe by deliciously ella for the basil pesto and la detoxinista’s hemp seed ranch dressing recipe from her cookbook.

…and then wanted some dessert. Don’t know what was happening on spa day, but apparently I just needed all the chocolate in the world. So I made chocolate mint nicecream, with choc mint thins crumbled and churned throughout. Yeah. That happened.

2016-08-23 20.01.12

Granted, I only needed a small scoop to feel satisfied and now have stone-hard frozen nicecream in my freezer, left-over from that night. But I had already had quite a lot of sweet stuff that day, so I really didn’t need a lot. It rounded off my day perfectly, though, and I’m thinking of making it again, soon, to shoot the recipe for you.

So, that’s it for my spa day! I felt renewed when I woke up this morning and the only thing missing from my spa day was a facial, which I shall proceed to have today…by putting on a nice little mask later on. 🙂


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