Product Review: Glutenfree Goodies

I got the coolest present for my birthday: my mom is giving me a selection of new foodie products throughout the next year, sort of like those “foodist box”-orders you can make. Only much cooler, as there is a LOT more stuff coming my way and it’s carefully picked out according to my personal dietary needs. Did I mention my mom rocks?

Anyhow, that’s why I’m sharing yet another product review with you, and I have a feeling there will be quite a few of these coming at you. Not all of today’s products are from the birthday present, but all of them are glutenfree, which is why I titled these “Glutenfree Goodies”. Duh.

1. Pro Bar Bite

2016-07-25 14.21.56

I discovered these special bars at a supermarket in the town I lived in last schoolyear, and they were on sale, so I thought to myself, why not move away from my beloved clif bars and try something new? And I wasn’t disappointed: This particular bar includes wheatgrass powder and aronia berries, and yet still manages to include chocolate in there, all the while being glutenfree and vegan. These bars stick together due to the rice syrup involved, so are not completely healthy, but which non-homemade bars really are?
I can only suggest you try these as a transition from standard cereal bars, as they are quite similar in taste and texture, while moving away from too much refined sugar.

2016-07-25 14.22.35

What is it: Power Bar, Cereal Bar

Where to get it: Edeka

2. Puffed Paprika Corn Thins

2016-07-25 15.05.13

These may be my favorite thing that I’m sharing with you today. They are mini corn thins, flavored with paprika and salt, and they seriously taste like crisps. I love dipping them in hummus or enjoying them as a snack, as they are truly TRULY delicious on their owns. Granted, they are less healthy than your standard unsalted rice thin, but much better than any fried crisps you could get.

What is it: Corn thins, flavored with paprika and salt

Where to get it: Edeka

3. Buckwheat Crisp Bread

So, confession time: I really don’t like buckwheat. There’s just something about the flavor that doesn’t do it for me, so I avoid it BIG TIME. But, my mom got me this crisp bread so I had to at least give it a try, and I must say, I’m very positively surprised. Yes, you can still taste the buckwheat, but the texture is on point and you would never think you’re eating something glutenfree. Once you spread some avocado or cheese on top, the buckwheat flavor isn’t too bad. I doubt I’d ever buy this for myself, but it will definitely be eaten. Bonus of crispbread: It doesn’t go bad as quickly as normal bread.

What is it: Crisp bread made solely from buckwheat flour.

Where to get: Sorry, gotta pass on this one.

4. Sweet Quinoa Puffs

2016-08-23 14.19.13

Aside from these having the cutest name “quinitos”, I had no idea what to expect when I got these for my birthday. I am still unsure whether to eat them on their own or as cereal, but they are basically like sweet popcorn. Except without the corn. 🙂 Again, I’m not sure if I’d buy these again, but that’s mostly because I rarely snack on sweet puffed stuff (not a big sweet popcorn fan), and not because these aren’t good. Granted, the mix of quinoa and rice makes them appear to be slightly stale, but I’m sure they aren’t and that’s just the non-corn cereal coming through. Overall, they’re alright, but I don’t consider them a must-buy.

What is it: Puffed Quinoa-Rice Things

Where to get: Again, they were a present, so I don’t know.

So, tell me, which of these speaks to you the most? And, do you enjoy these product review posts? I decided to keep them going because I would find it helpful if somebody taste-tested all the new products you can buy at supermarkets, that way I’d have an easier time deciding what to get. But perhaps I’m the only one that’s interested in trying all the new fun products you can find on the “healthy-trendy-food-market”.



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