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PB & Banana Energy Bars

I’m back at my apartment, away from home, feeling a little bit lonely. It’s only been a few hours by myself, but I’m already missing my boyfriend, and not because we constantly spent time together the past two weeks, but because of that feeling you always have when you know the person you love is going to come home at some point. You know, that you’re not going to crawl into bed by yourself, or that you’re not going to wake up without a sleepy, drooly kiss or something like that. It might sound cheesy, but those are the things that make life easier for me.

Speaking of things that make life easier: Energy Bars.

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Glutenfree Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I have finally finished preparing all my lessons for next week. Which means I actually get two more days off before the craziness starts again. And that’s very good, because I don’t feel ready. I don’t feel ready to start giving 100% again, I don’t feel ready to leave home and my boyfriend.

What I do feel ready for is starting to take better care of myself again. I really let my doing sports go a bit the past weeks, and haven’t been enjoying cooking as much. The cooking part has gotten a lot better in the two weeks off from school, mostly because I love my kitchen at home so much more than the one at my apartment, but also because I wasn’t cooking for just me.

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Blueberry Coconut Ginger Cookies

I have a headache. I guess I am becoming a cliché. I often wonder what makes being a teacher so exhausting. And why it seems to me as if it’s more exhausting than other jobs. Or is that just me throwing myself a pity party?

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Homemade Clif Bars

So I won’t be needing to buy clif bars any more. And that’s pretty amazing, actually, because they truly aren’t particularly cheap here in Germany. But besides that, I am super proud to have gotten around to not only baking but photographing a recipe…something which I haven’t had the energy to do in at least two weeks. (The previous posts I had in “store” for times like this.) But, today I have decided to do absolutely NOTHING to do with school, which is truly awesome, and much needed.

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Gluten-Free Almond Snickerdoodles

One of my absolute childhood favorites is snickerdoodles. For those of you not from the States, you’ll probably be raising your eyebrows, wondering what in the world I am referring to. At least that’s what I am guessing, as my boyfriend reacted just like that when I presented him with these. It’s definitely not a “known” cookie here in Germany, and therefore I am so super excited to be sharing this recipe with you – I have never found any of these wonderful cinnamon-cookies in German stores!

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Macadamia Oat Cookies

I thought about what I would name these cookies, and I had a difficult time deciding. Whenever you put macadamia nuts in cookies, and add the word “chocolate”, people think of white chocolate. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies, that’s a standard. Which is why I didn’t want to add the word, eventhough there is chocolate involved: as a drizzle on top, and it’s the good stuff, too (72% dark chocolate). Also, these are kind of oatmeal cookies, as I didn’t feel like using flour, or grinding the oats into a flour, or using more nuts as a base: therefore, oats it was. And, finally, I added vanilla protein powder, to make these babies even healthier. “Vanilla Protein Macadamia Nut Oatmeal Chocolate Drizzled Cookies” seemed too long, especially had I added that these are both vegan and sugarfree. Oh, the problems of a food blogger. 🙂

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White Chocolate Chunk Cashew Cookies

It’s the end of my second week as a teacher, and I feel like I’m actually only getting started feeling like I am a teacher. I am absolutely loving my job, even if the past two weeks have truly been draining. But, I really do not mean that in a negative sense. I feel like I’ve finally reached the goal I’ve been working so hard for at university, and, eventhough it’s not “relaxing” or easy to get up early, and do all kinds of things I’ve never done before, I am loving it. I don’t doubt I’ll have my “down” phase at some point, but for now, I am super content being tired from going to school, learning to be teacher for real (not just in theory, as I did at university), and actually getting to teach kids. How unbelievably awesome is that?

Nonetheless, I have been tired this weekend, and Friday afternoon really passed me by in a blur. I actually managed to get things done after school, but my head was so worn out from all the new aspects of life suddenly crashing in on me that I don’t remember much. I do remember baking, though.

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Vegan Low Carb Banana Bread Cookies

The entire apartment smells like banana bread. It’s a beautiful thing, truly! It smells so heavenly I can’t really think of any smell I like more at the moment…My sister would probably go crazy (she hates bananas), but the only thing I am enjoying more than this smell is the taste of these cookies.

Yup, I said it. Not Banana Bread. COOKIES!

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Crispy Oat-Thins With Vegan Homemade Banana Milk

Oh my gawd, people, I’ve outdone myself. I just made THE most amazing crispy oatmeal cookies in the universe…and my judgement may very well be clouded by the iced homemade banana milk spiced with lots of cinnamon that I am sipping on, dipping my cookies in and stuffing them into my mouth whole. I am literally the cookie monster right now, and in dessert heaven.

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No Fat And Sugar Cashew Sour Apple Cookies

So, I’ve been hybernating. I was forced to – I finally caught the flu that has had Germany in its grip since the beginning of this year. I wasn’t expecting that to happen until after I finish all my exams, but, you know, the body and its mysterious ways got the best of me.

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