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Quinoa Stuffed Tortilla Wraps

So, do you want to know what my typical day looks like at the moment?

5.30 am: Wake up, roll out of bed, somehow manage to do 1/2 hour of yoga

6.30 am: Have breakfast (see instagram)

7.05 am: Leave the apartment to walk to school.

7.45 am: School. Deal with crazy students.

9.15 am: Breaktime for students. Deal with more crazy students.

11.15 am: Second breaktime for students. Why do students get so many breaks!?

12.00 pm: Only 45 minutes left of crazy students.

12.45 pm: Crazy students leave. Eat lunch for 15-20 minutes, while wildly tapping around on my laptop’s strangely dirty keyboard, writing up some pop quizzes for crazy students.      Continue reading Quinoa Stuffed Tortilla Wraps


Oil-free White Bean Hummus

I have tried going vegan before – those of you who have been following me since the beginnings of hitbycoconuts might remember that. I started hitbycoconuts as a result of disovering a lot of food allergies and intolerances, and as I was trying to reorganize my eating according to what I was allowed and mostly not allowed to eat, I thought I’d give vegan food a try. I have a few friends who had gone vegan for various reasons the years before and who all experienced veganism’s benefits quite immensely. I therefore thought I’d give it a try and was hoping to feel the same amazing change in energy, body-feeling etc.

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Vegan Buttermilk Breakfast Buns

I haven’t baked bread rolls in quite a while. I love making my crunchy crusted millet bread, mostly because it’s so easy and so satisfying, but every once in a while, I really crave bread rolls for breakfast. I therefore came up with a new recipe for breakfast buns, and am so happy with the result. I had yet to create a “fluffy” breakfast roll, and finally managed to achieve it by using fresh yeast instead of dried yeast. I really wanted a seed-coated crust, but feel free to leave that out for a more traditional bun.

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Wheatfree Oregano Baguette

One of the hardest parts about not being able to eat wheat is not really having access to a lot of “fluffy” bread. I mean the kind of bread anyone watching their health isn’t going to be eating on a regular basis, the croissants, butter buns, baguettes and all their french siblings. I used to love digging into an insanely unhealthy croissant on weekends, and, while I’ve found a bakery that makes spelt-croissants, they still use milk and butter to make them, so I try not to indulge too often. Wheatfree baguette, on the other hand, I have yet to find at a store nearby; especially in summer, when everyone’s barbecuing or having summer parties featuring bread and salad, I find it hard to resist.

Finally, though, I have come up with something that can compete.

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Healthy Vegan Carrot Bread

I’m on a recipe roll these days. Probably because I’m completely freaking about my teacher’s ed coming up in September, and every day it feels a little bit more real and scary. Last night I had my first case of jitters when I realized it’s only two more weeks until I am moving there. The excitement is sadly being a bit impaired by the fears that are popping up. And, when I get scared, I bake.

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Super Simple Sundried Tomato Dip

This Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I went for a lovely picnic in the vineyards, as those of you following me on Instagram will probably have noticed already. His aunt wanted to share some of her own poetry, and had a few other friends who had some things to recite as well, so they made a little event out of it, invited family and friends, and we spent a few hours in the midst of nature, listening to poetry. It may sound strange or even a little boring to you, but I have rarely had such a peaceful morning!

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“Hint of Vanilla” Salted Sunflower Seed Butter

In my previous post, I talked about roasting sunflower seeds in preparation of making sunflower seed butter. I had never made it before, so I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to post about it, but I dare say it worked! I have to admit that I still like peanutbutter more, but, then again, nothing tops peanutbutter, so why should I set my hopes on ever topping it?

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Anger Management And My Favorite Steals Of Late

Carrot Cake Cookies And Adapted Banana Coconut Bread

I got really angry today. Which is nothing rare, I’m like everyone else, sometimes you just get furious about feeling…cheated. I am guessing that’s what all anger comes down to: feeling like somehow, in some way, by somebody or something, we didn’t get something that we had a right to. Whether it be attention, the last piece of cake, or, as in my case, time with my study group.

Are you laughing at me?

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Crunchy Crusted Whole Spelt Millet Loaf

It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Sunday, and, just as I’ve told you about his family and their family birthdays, there was an insane number of people crammed into our usually not too tiny apartment – but 30 people in our living room was really pushing it! I made myself rare, because I really don’t love such a huge crowd, and took care of cleaning dishes and re-filling the plates.

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Yeast-Free, Wheat-Gluten-Free, Seed-Packed: Proud To Present My Newest Bread!

I recently found out that besides my wheat-gluten-free intolerance, I don’t do so well with yeast either. For anyone who has the same problem, you know the struggle: it’s nearly impossible to find a bakery who not only has wheat-free bread, but yeast-free on top of that! Well, I’ve found a solution:

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