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Oil-free White Bean Hummus

I have tried going vegan before – those of you who have been following me since the beginnings of hitbycoconuts might remember that. I started hitbycoconuts as a result of disovering a lot of food allergies and intolerances, and as I was trying to reorganize my eating according to what I was allowed and mostly not allowed to eat, I thought I’d give vegan food a try. I have a few friends who had gone vegan for various reasons the years before and who all experienced veganism’s benefits quite immensely. I therefore thought I’d give it a try and was hoping to feel the same amazing change in energy, body-feeling etc.

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Super Simple Sundried Tomato Dip

This Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I went for a lovely picnic in the vineyards, as those of you following me on Instagram will probably have noticed already. His aunt wanted to share some of her own poetry, and had a few other friends who had some things to recite as well, so they made a little event out of it, invited family and friends, and we spent a few hours in the midst of nature, listening to poetry. It may sound strange or even a little boring to you, but I have rarely had such a peaceful morning!

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“Hint of Vanilla” Salted Sunflower Seed Butter

In my previous post, I talked about roasting sunflower seeds in preparation of making sunflower seed butter. I had never made it before, so I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to post about it, but I dare say it worked! I have to admit that I still like peanutbutter more, but, then again, nothing tops peanutbutter, so why should I set my hopes on ever topping it?

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Avocado Half Stuffed With Cucumber Guacamole

I tried to write this post last night, but my laptop was apparently affected by my incredible weariness, and shut itself off twice as I was blogging, after which I simply gave up and went to bed. Attempted to, at least, but as I was brushing my teeth, my boyfriend came home (this was already quite late at night), and, eventhough I went to bed straight away, I kept waking up when he came into the bedroom to grab his PJs before taking a shower, and again when he actually came to bed. Which results in my brain being unbelievably useless today. I thought about being frustrated and panicking, but instead I started experimenting for a dessert I want to make on Christmas Day.

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Toasted Almond Butter, Grandma’s Carrot Salad, And How You Need Someone Who Loves You

I woke up very late this morning, and had a very tossy-turny type of night. As it’s Sunday, and we all know I love sleeping in on Sundays, I was in no hurry to jump out of bead. Instead, I sleepily rolled around towards my boyfriend, who had been tucking at my hair. You know what I saw when I pinched my eyes open just enough to see something?

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Newbie Vegan Struggles And Vegan Cheesy Butter Spread

I know, I know, I’ve not been keeping up with my usual amount of posts, I’m sorry! I have had a pretty calm weekend, but for most of it, I didn’t feel all that well, so I opted to just lay around on the sofa and drink tea. This morning, I got myself out of bed to go for a run, but my energy levels still must be running low, as the 6km run seemed nearly impossible to master. I have been craving cheese and meat like mad all of last week, which may have been to Aunt Irma visiting, but I have also been feeling very low energy in general. It may be due to the vegan eating, but I am still waiting for that “Oh my Gawd I feel so good” moment to kick in, which is why I’ll really try to continue until I reach 1 month.

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Toasts Reloaded: More Creative Bread-Spread Ideas

Remember my post about Spicing Up Boring Study Sessions? Well, I have been eating those sandwiches for such a long time that I needed to come up with more ideas for toasts/breadspreads. So, I have been collecting a couple for the past two weeks, and I am so excited to be sharing them with you!

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Let’s mix it up: Blue(berry) Smoothie And Time-Intensive Roasted Peanutbutter

I’m having a very low day. Not in a bad way, but I guess I realized that I need a bit of a break. I had my long set of classes last night, and will tutor this afternoon, followed by another class I’ll be teaching this evening…so I figure, it’s alright to take a break this morning. But, as you can see, I feel like I have to justify it nonetheless. My boyfriend is always calling me out on that. Apparently, I justify everything: why I am relaxing, why I am blogging, why I am eating one more slice of bread slathered in nutella…I guess it’s mostly justification for myself, not really for anybody else.

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New Sandwich Ideas That Will Spice Up Boring Study Sessions

Have you ever had one of those days that were just plain boring because not only did nothing happen, but you never left the house, so even if something exciting had happened, you would have missed it? That’s what last week’s Friday was like for me. The only “event” I had planned was riding my bike to the bank to pick up some money that I owed a friend of mine. It almost felt heroic putting on jeans instead of sweats at 2pm and cruising down to bank for 3 minutes, just to turn around, go into my apartment, and jump into my sweats again.

Yeah, so last Friday was a bit of a drag. All I needed to do was study, as always, and so I did, the entire day. Around lunchtime, I was feeling very uncreative at first, especially since I didn’t want to have to leave the house again to pick up something from the grocery store. However, I found some of the left-over tuna and maize I had from making my Truly Satisfying Tuna Maize Salad, so I figured I might as well attempt making a less fatty version of the traditional tuna salad sandwich, amongst other ideas I had for sandwiches (both savoury and sweet, both vegetarian and vegan).

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Nutella Eating Habits And The Victorious Vegan Nutella-Version

I have been living with my boyfriend for a bit more than a year now, and, ever since we moved, my sister has been enjoying coming over for dinner whenever my boyfriend isn’t home…of course, I enjoy it just as much, and we manage to have a girl’s night almost every week! One tiny detail gets on my nerves, though. Whenever either my sister or my brother are over to visit, they run to my kitchen and start randomly eating anything that looks like it could taste good. For example, and this happened a while back, my brother came over, and within the first five minutes of his stay here, he managed to find the carefully hidden 1/2 banana in my fridge, and decided to devour it. This was tragic to me because a) I love bananas and that was my last one, b) I had no other fruit in the house and that was the meager left-over I was saving for my cereal on Monday morning and c) it was Sunday, and no grocery shops open on Sundays in Germany, hence leaving me with NO FRUIT and no way of getting any more until the next day.

When my sister comes over, though, it’s not the bananas I need to hide – she absolutely hates bananas – but the Nutella.

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