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The Best Detox Juice

Last year, I got my parents’ old juice maker for my birthday, but I have to admit that I haven’t used it as much as you might think. The main reason for that is that I wasn’t living at home with my boyfriend for the past year, and had to decide which appliances to take with me to the town I worked in and which to keep here. My blender travelled with me no matter where I went, but my juicer stayed with my boyfriend…because the blender’s simply more versatile than the juicer.

Now that I am no longer commuting every week, I am happy to start using my juicer more regularly again! And with using it more regularly, I have found the perfect juice recipe for those days when you feel just a tad bit heavy.

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The best summer smoothie: Galia Melon Ginger Smoothie

After what feels like the longest absence from the blog ever, I have actually felt a little more inspired to write lately. And not just about anything: I have found the perfect summer smoothie recipe, and I bet’cha you haven’t tried this one. Usually, when searching countless recipes for a summer smoothie, you’ll get a blend of strawberries, pineapples, or mango. This smoothie I have been enjoying for 3 weeks straight is surprisingly light and mild, but with a kick from the ginger at the end…making it so much more exciting than any of the other concoctions you may have tried.

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Peanutbutter and Jelly Breakfast Parfait

I have to be honest – I’m really not feeling teaching today. I never thought that would be possible, but I guess last week drained me so much that I really don’t want to be doing anything but lay in bed and watch movies all day. And, perhaps, eat some peanutbutter-stuffed-dates. That seriously sounds like the best thing ever to me right now…but too bad I’m already feeling this wiped at the beginning of the week.

What I feel like doing besides laying in bed? Cooking, baking, blogging. I feel like I’ve really gotten out of touch with my blog, because so much of my ideas and words are required to flow into my lesson-planning. But, I am realizing again and again: there’s no way I can be “just a teacher” and nothing else for the rest of my life. I need something else, otherwise I’ll go crazy.

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Green Ants on a Log Smoothie

I had SO MUCH TIME this weekend. I literally didn’t know what I should be doing half of the time, which sounds ridiculous, I know, but I really don’t do “free weekends” anymore. I was almost glad that I had a lesson to prepare on Saturday, but I really felt a little dumbfounded at not knowing what do with myself. That was, until I rediscovered I owned a kindle reader and read an entire book within two days. Yeah, haven’t done that in a while. But it was such a good book, and usually I can’t put a book down until I’ve finished it. It makes starting to read a book extremely dangerous! (In case you’re wondering, I read “Before I go to sleep” by S.J. Watson.)

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Green Creamy Apple Pie Smoothie

Drinking smoothies during winter is tougher than when it’s extremely hot outside. In summer, I could probably get by on smoothies alone, but in winter – whether we have 16° C outside or -10° C – I really have to force myself to make green smoothies. Which is truly strange, because once it’s ready, I absolutely love drinking it.

With the new smoothie I came up with, however, no emotional hurdles have to be overcome in order to drink a green smoothie. Trust me, once you’ve had this specific green smoothie, you’ll want to have it every day. Even New Year’s Day.

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Orange Raspberry Smoothie

Yesterday morning, I woke up with intense back pain. It actually felt like somebody was stabbing me behing my right shoulder blade…and, after about 20 minutes, I realized I wasn’t just sore, there was actually something quite wrong. I called the orthopedist immediately, and, luckily, was able to see the doctor within the hour. Sadly, despite an injection, I have been in pain ever since, causing me to stop all plans and just lay in bed all day yesterday.

Funny how sometimes your body forces you to stop, like seriously stop, and focus on relaxing. I must say it’s not nice at all to have your back thrown out, but I haven’t been able to slow down or allow my mind to be quiet for one minute since my holidays started…and then, yesterday, after taking a hot bath, I realized it was my body forcing my mind to take a breather.

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Green Mango Tahini Smoothie

Some mornings, I am not super hungry, so I only have some cashew-milk-creamed coffee and apple slices. Some mornings, I make oatmeal and go crazy with my toppings. And, some mornings, I really want a smoothie milkshake.

What’s that, you ask?

I have shared a dessert smoothie with you before, and this one falls in the same category…only it packs way more vitamins and fibre than said dessert smoothie. It tastes ridiculously decadent, is topped off with a huge dollop of whipped coconut cream, and looks super pirdy. And, it’s so healthy! I really should have this smoothie more often! And so should you.

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Green Peach Smoothie

It was so windy outside this week that it felt like the walls of the house were almost shaking. I love days like that, especially if you’re able to stay in the comfort of your home, drink a hot cup of tea or coffee, and coze up on the sofa. I am actually feeling a little down today as well (tummy ache :() so after a little blogging and cleaning, and perhaps a short workout routine if I can get myself to, it’s slouching on the couch for sure! But first, I need to share this new smoothie recipe with all of you…because, well, eventhough it’s colder outside and somehow I am getting the shocking notion that summer is almost over (noooooo! :(), I am really loving myself some green smoothies these days: Just last week, I made this creamy honeymelon avocado smoothie and this sweet cucumber apple smoothie. Green smoothies, you’ve got my love forever.

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Honeymelon Avocado Smoothie

Okay, so combining honeymelon and avocado may not be your “typical” combo, but I had half of both lying around in my fridge and so I thought I’d get experimental before both go bad. And, after I went a little crazy with adding almost all the fruit I had, I came up with a mix that is both creamy, thick, refreshing, somehow soothing and wonderfully lightly sweet. Sometimes we really just need to go with our instincts when making smoothies, and not think too much about the ingredients on their own, but rather if they have similar flavors or textures that are going to compliment each other…and that way cool smoothies like this honeymelon avocado smoothie are “born”!

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Cucumber Apple Smoothie

I went to bed really early last night: by 10 pm, I was already in my PJs! Seeing as my weekend was filled with quite a lot of partying – first at a friend’s bachelorette party all Friday, then a birthday party Saturday night – I was completely swiped. I am not big on alcohol drinking, usually, but lately there just have been more occasions than usually that tempt you to seize the day. 🙂 Which is normal for summer, I think.

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