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Peanutbutter & Jelly French Toast

I woke up today realizing I still had a few days off before school starts and that I’ve been doing it all wrong. I have been trying to get into a sort of habit all week, “preparing” myself for going back to school. But it just doesn’t work without the structure a typical work day provides. Which is always tough for me, because for me habits and structures is probably the most important thing in life.

I figure, however, that I should really be enjoying my final days of summer break without that feeling of having to do something in the back of my mind, without the giddy stressfulness of starting at a new school, without the utter exhaustion that is bound to come. I just don’t do well with relaxation. It’s super weird, I know, and I really don’t know what’s wrong with me concerning that, but I feel like I function so much better when I have a lot to do.

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Honey Walnut Waffles

I have had one productive Monday, people. And it has made me so happy to have things to do, and accomplishing them without feeling stressed in between! I know it may sound like I am mocking you – but I am just really happy to have already done so much today. Isn’t it great when your week starts of optimistically? I wish I could retain this feeling and save it for those days I don’t really manage a positive outlook on life. If you’re not feeling it today, let me know…I’ll send some of my happy to you, okay?

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Re-Energize Week Day 3: Get Movin’

Good morning everyone, how have the past days of your personal re-energize week gone? Are you simply following along by reading these posts, or have you tried out any of my ideas of the past two posts?

Yesterday, staying true to my post, I got up early and made myself a delicious peanutbutter dessert shake for breakfast, enjoyed with a crispy, tart green apple, and a soy latté. Strangely enough, I was craving coffee, which I usually only indulge in for lunch, if at all. But, you know, I feel like Re-Energize Week is mostly about listening to your own body, so I had coffee and “dessert”. For breakfast.

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Vanilla Protein Waffles With Healthified Strawberry Syrup

Every year, I wait tables at a local vintner’s, and have been doing so for the past 5 years. Seeing that on paper (or, more like, on the screen) makes me feel kind of…old. It is slowly but surely starting to dawn on me that I actually am done with university, and am about to embark on the rest of my life. Gosh, I’m poetic today.

Anyways, waiting tables at this vintner’s has become a part of my life, at least those 3 weeks of the year he sells his wine in his yard. This is a typical thing in Germany, at least in our region: my boss has a job other than being a vintner, but three weeks of the year he runs a little yard restaurant, where he mostly serves his wine, but also sells some food along with it. Hence my working there as a waitress.

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The Simplest Waffles Ever: Only 5 Ingredients!

I know I haven’t been sharing as much personl stuff the last couple of weeks as I did the first months of my blog. To be honest, these days I am happy if I even get around to baking or cooking anything “new”, let alone remember to take pictures. I am sure this will get better once I have finished these horrendous exams – so, don’t worry, I’ll be back with loads of rambling and gossiping about my own life.

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Healthy Paperthin Crêpe Rolls And My Favorite Quick Dishes Lately

Hey everybody, I haven’t got much time, as my boyfriend and I are invited to a birthday party later, but I thought I’d check in with y’all and let you know how I’m doing. I’ve had a busy week, but I’ve had quite a good studying-run so far, so I can’t complain (besides, I usually complain more than enough, so I thought I’d change it up today!). I have been frying my brain daily, though, which leaves me very tired and somehow lacking my usual creativity in the kitchen at night…

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Lower Carb, Unsweetened Macadamia Apple Waffles

The snow has hardened overnight, and the sun is shining as if to say “Hey, check it out, I still work after all those weeks of grey and fog!”. And I am loving it! In fact, it feels like my inner child is jumping up and down with joy, which is why I am organizing a sleigh-riding get-together as I’m writing this post. I wanna go sleigh-riding, I wanna build a snowman, I wanna throw some snowballs, and I wanna roll around in the snow and make snow-angels.

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