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Peanutbutter and Jelly Breakfast Parfait

I have to be honest – I’m really not feeling teaching today. I never thought that would be possible, but I guess last week drained me so much that I really don’t want to be doing anything but lay in bed and watch movies all day. And, perhaps, eat some peanutbutter-stuffed-dates. That seriously sounds like the best thing ever to me right now…but too bad I’m already feeling this wiped at the beginning of the week.

What I feel like doing besides laying in bed? Cooking, baking, blogging. I feel like I’ve really gotten out of touch with my blog, because so much of my ideas and words are required to flow into my lesson-planning. But, I am realizing again and again: there’s no way I can be “just a teacher” and nothing else for the rest of my life. I need something else, otherwise I’ll go crazy.

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Dairyfree Vanilla Protein Yogurt

Dear friends, I’ve got a new breakfast dish for you. Not just any breakfast dish – one that anybody who’s either vegan or intolerant to dairy will have been missing out on: Some delicious, creamy, thick, “full fat” yogurt. I get so jealous when I read health blogs featuring all of their greek yogurt recipes, frozen yogurt toppings, etc. and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Enter my creativity, a few catastrophical tries at making this bananafree, and your outcome is a dairyfree “frozen yogurt” version, to be enjoyed for breakfast, or as an afternoon snack. Or even desset, ’cause, you know, who really cares WHEN you have it.

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Hunger-Fighting Avocado Salmon Salad And Homemade Blueberry Banana Yogurt

I have been sitting around the apartment waiting for my boyfriend to bring home some groceries for about 3 hours, but he still hasn’t shown. I’m guessing his training is running a little long, so I finally gave in to the roaring starving monster that has been screaming in my belly.

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On Nutmilks, Soymilk, And Milkfree Breakfast Yogurt

Ever since I discovered nutmilks like almond milk or coconut milk, as well as soymilk, I haven’t had lactose-free milk in the house. I might be wrong, but I feel like the lactose-free milk gives me really bad skin. I’ve been trying to find out which nutmilks I like best in my cup of coffee, and I have to say that my personal favorite is coconut milk. I am not talking about the coconut cream that comes in cans (most of the time), I mean the coconut milk, or, as some may know it, coconut water, that is a lot more liquid than the coconut cream. Obviously, it’s difficult to make milk froth from nutmilks, so, whenever I get a craving for a “real” latté or cappuccino, I use soymilk – at least for me, that’s the only one that can be made to froth.

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