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Peanutbutter Cup Freezer Fudge From Scratch

The first day back at school is a big deal for all kiddos, even if they pretend that it’s not (and rather, kind of a drag). The first day back at school after 5 years, however, is a HUGE deal. And that’s where it’s at today, for me! I am finally starting my teacher’s ed years, and I am beyond psyched, nervous, giddy, happy, proud. Which called for some celebratory cooking…and, as freezer fudge is the next big thing, it seemed logical to prepare it for such a momentous day.

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Mango Coconut Nicecream

I am so worried these days, and I just can’t seem to turn it off. It’s great starting my life as a “working citizen” soon, but with great privilege comes great responsibility, and I just can’t deal with all that responsibility that well (yet). I think it’s all this talk about insurances, future house building plans, children, etc. that is kind of getting to my nerves. Sometimes I wish I could just take a look at my life in 5 years, then come back to the present and know everything is going to end up being perfectly fine. Anybody invent a time machine yet?

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Single Serving Pure Chocolate Nicecream

Eventhough it hasn’t been a particularly warm day, I was really craving nicecream today. I haven’t had it in such a long time, I guess it was one of those cases where your tastebuds suddenly remember something delicious it once had, and you just need to have it right that second. As I was having it for dessert, I didn’t feel like a fruity version, but it had to be chocolate tonight. Pure, rich, intense chocolate. So, one single serving pure chocolate nicecream coming up!

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Blueberry Nicecream Bowl

Ice cream for breakfast? Sounds too decadent to actually do? Well, my dears, I have found the solution. Yesterday morning, I was just craving a sweet breakfast so badly, and was about to start baking cake or cookies out of the sheer desperation of really really REALLY needing something unhealthy. Do you get those kinds of cravings? I actually read in a magazine somewhere that if you’re in a study phase, you start craving high-sugar snacks even more than usually. Maybe I should just use that as an excuse…

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The Best Type of Compliments And Vegan Chocolate Espresso Soft Serve

I just brought the girl I tutor to the door, and you know what she said to me as she was leaving? She said “I always really like coming here!”. It brought a big smile on my face, and I think I told her that that made me very happy about three times, probably making her regret that she said anything…but, to be honest, those types of compliments are just the best!

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Why I Need Comfort Food This Week And Vegan Málaga Ice Cream With Carrot Oatmeal Muffins

So I gotta be honest: this week has not been a great week for me. It wasn’t even remotely good, it was downright bad. It wasn’t even that something decidedly bad happened, but it was the first week of the semester (or half-term, as it would be called in America), and I felt the pressure of all the different things I’m trying to juggle at the moment. Additionally, it has been a cold week, with fall really arriving – at least that’s what it seemed like to me.

I don’t do pressure well. I am not sure who does, but with me, once I feel pressure in any way, nothing in my life seems to be pressure-free anymore. I am just one of those people who immediately jumps to negativity, pessimism, and depression, I guess. I’ve had my fair share of feeling depressed, trust me, and, anyone who knows the feeling will understand why my week wasn’t a great week.

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Vegan Berry Coconut Ice-cream And Taking My Blog Public

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure I was even going to post anything, let alone tell anyone about it. I managed to keep this secret…for ONE day. Yup, I started this blog yesterday, for those of you who haven’t been looking at the publishing dates (and don’t worry, usually I wouldn’t bother with that kind of thing either), and I am so proud to be presenting the tenth post (within two days!) to you. Obviously, I had to make it have some coconut element.

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