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Vegetarian Birthday 3-course-meal

Last week, it was my mom’s birthday. I was pretty upset I couldn’t be there, but that’s just how life goes sometimes, I guess. I myself am very big on birthdays, and therefore I’m always upset when I can’t be there when other people are celebrating theirs…but, I made up for it this week. My present was that I cooked a 3-course meal for my mom, and I must say it was super special to spend one-on-one time with my mom like that. Turns out we haven’t done that in ages!

The menu I cooked was very allergy-friendly, as my mom suffers from quite a few food allergies. The menu is soy-free, nut-free, milk-free, glutenfree, refined-sugarfree, and it still tasted delicious. Don’t believe me? Have a look:

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Vegan Rice Pudding

I am reading a helarious book these days. Truly funny, and refreshingly well-written. I just spent the past half an hour reading it out loud to my less-than-book-wormy boyfriend, who actually sat on the couch next to me, listening attentively. Whether he did that to indulge me, or whether he actually found it as amusing as I do, well, we’ll never know. I heartily suspect the latter, though – yes, the book “Watching The English” by Kate Fox is THAT amazing.

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I’m shocked. The English word for what I just created in my kitchen does not at all represent the beauty of this sweet main dish. Were I to translate it directly, it would be called something like steamed noodles, which, while not sounding amazing, at least sounds like something neutral enough to try. And, let’s be honest – who doesn’t like noodles?!

But no, the English language has to clinically, truthfully describe the dish I made as yeast-dumplings. I have never understood how the word dumpling could have developed to describe something as excellent as…uh…dumplings. For lack of a better word, I guess I will have to stick with yeast-dumplings, but it truly does not make my English-major-influenced heart dance with joy. Usually, I feel like English is the better language to describe, well, everything, simply because I feel there are just a thousand ways of describing things more specifically, while German often just does not seem to supply me with the connotation I am looking for.

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