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Oil-free White Bean Hummus

I have tried going vegan before – those of you who have been following me since the beginnings of hitbycoconuts might remember that. I started hitbycoconuts as a result of disovering a lot of food allergies and intolerances, and as I was trying to reorganize my eating according to what I was allowed and mostly not allowed to eat, I thought I’d give vegan food a try. I have a few friends who had gone vegan for various reasons the years before and who all experienced veganism’s benefits quite immensely. I therefore thought I’d give it a try and was hoping to feel the same amazing change in energy, body-feeling etc.

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A Tired Brain And Another Tomato Mozarella Variety

I have been cramming stuff into my brain all day…even though it’s Sunday. Yes, I know that’s pathetic and sad, but frankly, I am just running out of time. I can’t seem to kick the flu that I have been carrying around for two weeks, and my second round of exams is in one week, therefore “taking a break” just ain’t an option. I have never been as afraid not to pass as before these upcoming exams…seriously. And I’m no low-maintenance exam-taker any other time of the year.

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Healthy Paperthin Crêpe Rolls And My Favorite Quick Dishes Lately

Hey everybody, I haven’t got much time, as my boyfriend and I are invited to a birthday party later, but I thought I’d check in with y’all and let you know how I’m doing. I’ve had a busy week, but I’ve had quite a good studying-run so far, so I can’t complain (besides, I usually complain more than enough, so I thought I’d change it up today!). I have been frying my brain daily, though, which leaves me very tired and somehow lacking my usual creativity in the kitchen at night…

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Avocado Half Stuffed With Cucumber Guacamole

I tried to write this post last night, but my laptop was apparently affected by my incredible weariness, and shut itself off twice as I was blogging, after which I simply gave up and went to bed. Attempted to, at least, but as I was brushing my teeth, my boyfriend came home (this was already quite late at night), and, eventhough I went to bed straight away, I kept waking up when he came into the bedroom to grab his PJs before taking a shower, and again when he actually came to bed. Which results in my brain being unbelievably useless today. I thought about being frustrated and panicking, but instead I started experimenting for a dessert I want to make on Christmas Day.

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Remember the Vegetarian/Vegan Spelt-Flour Extra-Thin-Crusted Pizza? If you make the sauce for the pizza from scratch, you’re bound to be stuck with some sieved tomatoes…and here is how you may want to use them before they go bad!

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