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Rosemary Roasted Vegetables

I had the great idea of doing a freeletics workout this summer. I tried to get into it, but I would be lying if I said I actually enjoyed it. I was usually glad when they’re over and I’m a tad embarrassed that I felt that way doing the “Endurance” level, which is the easiest level. As in, I’m not even doing burpess, but sprawls, and had an incredibly hard time while doing so. And here I thought I was actually sort of “fit”.

Doing freeletics is one thing, but doing it when it’s 35°C outside is another. It was so incredibly hot this summer and for some reason I just get really crabby when it’s too hot. know, I should be stoked, but, I don’t know, it just makes me feel all icky and sweaty and puffed up, for whatever reason.

Now it’s getting colder and I am starting to crave a little warmth again. I guess there’s really no way to be satisfied with weather, is there?

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Easy Oven-Baked Potatoes

After what feels like the longest break I’ve ever taken from the blog, I’m finally sitting down to write up one of the recipes I’ve had stored up and just haven’t had the time or energy to write up for you. So sorry about that, but just read my previous post to know what my excuse is – moving 280km back home turned a lot upside down for me, and while I now know that I won’t be moving anywhere else anytime soon, it still hasn’t been the easiest month.

As I’m trying not to dwell on it, though, let’s just get to the recipe and get this blog started again. Without further ado:

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Tomato Quinoa Falafels without chickpeas

I’m feeling extremely queasy today, and I honestly don’t really know why. I think it has something to do with low blood pressure and crazy weather outside. I swear we’ve been jumping from downright pouring outside to sunniest, cloud-free sky 5x within the past 2 hours. It’s annoying, really, and I blame the weather for making me feel so tired and out of it.

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Low-Carb Eggplant Baby Pizzas

I was really craving pizza the other day, but didn’t feel like going on and on making the crust in an oven that barely works. Plus, I rarely feel good and energized after pizza; sadly, it does always leave me feeling quite heavy. I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I searched my fridge for an alternative. Just as I was about to give up…drumroll, please…I came up with the easiest, quickest, plant-based pizza alternative you could think of. And you can make it without an oven, which is truly perfect for anyone in my shoes.

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Easy School Lunch: Veggie Quinoa Toss

So my biggest problem at the moment is the fact that I am constantly reminded of the fact that I am not perfect. I know, it’s a little insane and irrational, but I feel like the longer this whole teacher-training-thing is going on, the more right I have to be insane and irrational. I am starting to get worked up over the tiniest mistakes – not because they are tiny, but because I am not a person who makes mistakes. Ever.

Especially not mistakes involving typos, or forgetting to change the date on a document I have to hand-in (and, before you get onto me about the typos, this blog is completely different! It’s not “work”). Anyways, I feel like I am losing control a little, which is one of the most important things for me. And, when I feel like I’m losing control in real-life, my peace of mind usually gets lost with it. So that’s where things are at right now.

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Oven Baked Sweet Potato Halves With Cinnamon

The first time I brought home sweet potatoes, and ecstatically showed them to my boyfriend, his comment was: “Oh, my grandpa used to feed those to the pigs!” Uhm, well, I guess that’s what they do here in Germany. Sweet potatoes are not generally eaten by humans, they’re animal food. Those are some lucky animals, eh?!

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The May Salad: Orange-y Cherry Tomato Side Salad

It’s May, so that means it’s time for another salad to add to my A Year of Salads category! This one is a side salad, and, while sounding simple, is fantastically flavorful, resfreshing, and packed with vitamins and sweetness! As the weather is getting increasingly better, and warmer, I find it’s better to eat less filling, but more hydrating! It’s better to eat more and get your liquids than eat less and forget to hydrate, especially when it’s hot out!

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Yellow Sunshine Side: Lemon Cashew Fried Rice

Dear friends, I have discovered my favorite side dish. And when I say favorite, I am referring to what I am going to be eating by itself for the next couple of weeks. In my opinion, nothing but a bit of mango chutney is needed in combination with this wonderful olive oil fried rice – it’s flavorful, chewy, has some crunch to it, a nice and sour lemon freshness to it, and the greatest yellow sunshine color that you’ve ever seen.

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On Healthy Food Blogs And Protein Packed Two Bean Cucumber Salad With Chopped Cilantro

This past week has been terrible. Downright horrible, and I can’t even tell you why. My mood has been all over the place, and I think that was not just due to the fact that Aunt Irma was visiting. I think I am simply starting to go crazy, as I’ve told you in EVERY SINGLE POST this week, as anyone would who is holed up in their apartment all day.

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The Best Baked Potatoes Ever And Smoked Trout Sided By Sunflower Apple Salad

Hey everybody, did you miss me? Yes, I know, that’s slightly ironic, seeing that I posted my last entry on Tuesday. But, honestly, that seems like it was two weeks ago. I am not sure why, but every day feels like it is incredibly long, and tiresome, if I may add. There has been this vicious wind blowing all week, and I daily fear the collapse of my dear appartment. Well, not really, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced wind like this! It makes you stay inside all day – which is basically all I did all week.

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