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Ginger Mint Wok With Fried Cashews

This time next week, I’ll be done with my exams. Excepting my oral exam in May, I will be completely done with tests. Wow. What’ll that be like?

I’ll tell you what it’ll be like. I’ll be back to blogging, working on the site, practicing my photography skills, experimenting in the kitchen, feeling free and happy and giddy and sunshiney and did I mention free? Wow. What’ll that be like?

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Resumé on Vegan Eating Experiment And Versatile Chicken-Veggie-Curry

Three weeks ago, I went vegan cold-turkey, deciding at breakfast that I wanted to see what the excitement concerning only-vegan food was all about. As all those of you know who have been following my blog, I have been interested in vegan recipes the entire time, but was far from being vegetarian or vegan. The past three weeks, I have been testing a wholly vegan diet, and the plan was to continue for an entire month. As plans go, though, I didn’t make it that long, and here’s why:

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Comforting Cauliflower-Sweet-Potato-Curry

For some reason I am really into stews with rice this week. Usually I don’t have something warm for lunch, but lately, as it has been getting colder, I feel like I desperately need something warm so I can warm up from the inside out. I have made a couple of soups and stews like that, for example my Fiery Pumpkin-Mango Curry, but today I wanted to try a combo of a cauliflower and sweet potatoes, some veggies I have been eyeing for a while now. My boyfriend claims not to like cauliflower much, so I set out to prove him wrong!

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Rainy Days And Fiery Pumpkin-Mango Curry

It’s raining. Pretty heavily, I might add. We had to shut all our windows, even the ones on the side of the house that usually can stay open despite the weather outside! I guess autumn is readily showing us that despite the few rays of sunshine we occasionally get throughout the day, it is no longer summer.

I know, I have been bitching about the weather frequently (excuse my language).

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The Wonder of the Rice Tagliatelle

I mentioned that I love noodles, right? And Asian food. And coconuts. And…well, I love a lot of things. My boyfriend always says it’s easy to make me happy (at least concerning some things…when it comes to shoe shopping, I despair very quickly, mostly because I just don’t have that kind of money most of time). Yesterday night, I made a truly scrumptious wok, and I was so relieved it turned out so well, as my brother was visiting: he just came back from spending half a year abroad, and we hadn’t had a chance to catch up. Needless to say, it was a special night, and I wanted to make a meal which could live up to it. I had wanted to make my Vegetarian/Vegan Spelt-Flour Extra-Thin-Crusted Pizza, but he apparently is fed up with pizza after being in the States for that long. After suggesting a couple different things, finally I found something to his liking – and believe me, my brother is usually not that picky.

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