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Track it Monday – Getting my energy back

A week ago, I was finally done with that one important lesson I had two weeks to prepare, the one every teacher in training has to do within the first half year of teaching. It’s an insanely unnatural situation: you plan a lesson with way too much content, have an amazing plan and hope that it somehow works out so that you will get that “A” you crave. And then you’re done, you’ve got the “A”, and instead of feeling like you’ve achieved something, you just feel wiped out and tired.

Honestly, that feeling hasn’t really gone away much.

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Jump Start Day 4 – My eating philosophy 2016

I have been asked about my “eating philosophy” so often in the past half year that I’ve decided to try and bundle it all up in a blog post for you. It’s not that my eating philosophy is super special or has changed so much within the last half year, but I have gotten to know a bunch of new people over the course of the past half year, and therefore have had the pleasure of explaining all about my intolerances/allergies and preferences. So here it goes: My wondrous super power special eating philosophy.

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Jump Start Day 3 – How I started yoga

So as promised yesterday, I want to share my “yoga story” with you today, not that it’s extremely exciting or unusual. But I know that often I wonder how people go about starting a new sport at home, so perhaps this can be helpful for some of you looking to get into a new habit this year…and jump start your health in 2016.

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Jump Start Day 2 – Set Goals

I am a little frustrated today. I was practicing my crow pose last week (that’s yoga lingo in case you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about) and fell for the first time ever, and I must’ve hurt my wrist in the process. It didn’t start hurting until New Year’s, but that’s the only way I can explain why my wrist has started hurting. It’s a bummer, because I am super motivated to continue to grow my yoga practice this year. Can’t do that with a hurting wrist, though…because seriously, how can you flow without your wrist? Nearly impossible.

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Jump Start Day 1 – Remember

Raise your hand if you spent all of yesterday on the couch! My first of January reminded me painfully why I don’t drink large amounts of alcohol when partying. I somehow end up repeating that mistake every year, and yesterday was particularly awful. Self-induced, yes, but I still suffered a little. The only thing that made it better was the fact that my boyfriend and I cuddled all day and truly rested…something we rarely do together!

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Introducing Jump Start Week…and Vanilla Roasted Cashews

Happy New Year, everybody! It’s 2016, and if you’re anything like me, you’re laying in bed today asking yourself a few questions.

  1. Why was it so important to drink alcohol yesterday???
  2. Why does my body hate alcohol???
  3. What is going to be different in 2016?

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What I ate today: Detox

So the word “detox” is a total fad right now. But it does emit a lot of positivity, which is why I totally understand why products are so quickly described to be “detoxing” in nature, and which is also why I described my food diary as a “detox” day. I didn’t do any sports this week (minus yoga), which is something I generally don’t do too well with. And I was stressed out of my mind…the combination out of the two resulted in me feeling very tired, wiped out, and not at all like myself all week. I figured it was time to hit the reset button before the weekend, and I must say that after I “detoxed” last Friday, I felt much, much better.

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Track It SATURDAY: A Weekend Day

I know, I know, I usually feature my Tuesday in my food diary, but, first of all, today is a crazy day where I doubt I’ll be able to take (pretty) pictures of all I am eating, and secondly, I figured it might interest you not only what a typical day throughout the week looks like for me, but what it’s like on the weekend! For most people (as it is for me), the weekend is time of indulging, of perhaps drinking alcohol or treating yourself with something you wouldn’t normally have. Which is perfect in my book, as it’s all about the balance (an not too much balance!). So, Track it SATURDAY it is…posted on a Tuesday. Yeah, wrap your head around that for a second. 🙂

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Track It Tuesday: A School Day

Good evening friends! I am so proud to have managed to keep a food diary for you today despite it being a school day! I’m slowly getting used to my work schedule, but I’d be lying if I were to say that I had some sort of routine going. It’s only been a week, after all – eventhough it honestly feels much, much longer than that!

As I get up at 6 am every day now, and am usually not too sure when I’ll be back home (us newbie teachers in training aren’t on a fixed schedule yet), I made the mistake several time last week of taking either too much or too little food. I have got that down much better so far, and am relying a lot on my cranberry oat energy blissballs and prepped breakfasts, like overnight oats, spelt semolina or smoothies.

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How to Meal-Prep (and actually do it)

Meal Prepping is such a hot topic that I fear it has been overblogged. I have had the pictures for this post saved for quite a while, but a) I felt like a hypocrite posting on meal-prep when I wasn’t working and b) I felt like I would fail at saying anything new about it. Now that I have been working for a whole lot of 2 days, I feel qualified enough to talk about it, and, as for saying anything new: I guess we’ll have to wait and see, right?

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