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Product Review: Glutenfree Goodies

I got the coolest present for my birthday: my mom is giving me a selection of new foodie products throughout the next year, sort of like those “foodist box”-orders you can make. Only much cooler, as there is a LOT more stuff coming my way and it’s carefully picked out according to my personal dietary needs. Did I mention my mom rocks?

Anyhow, that’s why I’m sharing yet another product review with you, and I have a feeling there will be quite a few of these coming at you. Not all of today’s products are from the birthday present, but all of them are glutenfree, which is why I titled these “Glutenfree Goodies”. Duh.

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Product Review: Chocolate and co.

I’m coming at you from a place of headaches. I have felt it coming on all day, and I guess now it’s finally hitting me. I’m not gonna whine too much about it, though, as I feel like it’s something that has been happening quite frequently, so I guess it’s not worth whining about every time. I’m headed for a nice bubblebath after this blogpost, so that’ll probably help a lot.

Before I relax, though, I thought I’d show you some of the new vegan goodies I’ve been enjoying lately. I love discovering new superfoods, chocolates that are accidentally or intentionally vegan and colorful food. If that has caught your attention, I suggest you continue reading NOW.

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Product Review: Vegan Goodies Coming To Germany

First of all: Happy Halloween! I hope you’re all doing something scary tonight. đŸ™‚

Second of all, I have an announcement: Edeka is officially the best German food store I have ever seen.

The last time I went to “Edeka”, a supermarket chain here in Germany, I almost did a victory dance through the different aisles. I think I spent about an hour longer in the supermarket than I had originally planned, because I was so overwhelmed by the new products they now offer – most of which I only know from Instagram or various American Foodblogs. How exciting is it that they can now be bought at the local foodstore in Germany, too?

As I know not everybody gets as excited about new products as I do, and may therefore hesitate to buy them, I figured I’d review the things I bought for you, and then you’ll be able to pick and choose what you may want to buy and try yourself. Sounds good? Let’s go.

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Product Review: New Things I Love

I have never actually written up a product review, and I am definitely no where close to being sent awesome packages for free to review on my blog (I WISH!), but I have found a few new things that I thought I could tell you about! I find that it always takes so many nudges for me to buy anything I have never tried before, simply because I fear that it won’t be worth the money. I therefore hope that by sharing this with you, you’ll be able to find out more about the products you may or may not have been eyeing for a while but have never dared to try.

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