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Re-Energize Week Day 5: Choose your happy

First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m fully aware that the motto of today’s final day of re-energize week, “Choose your happy” is not entirely grammatically correct. I am an English major, after all. But, I find that sometimes the wrong grammar is catchier in mottos/slogans than the correct one, so deal with it. Please. 🙂

We have arrived on our final day of Re-energize Week! How is everybody feeling?

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Re-Energize Week Day 4: No Denials

It’s hot in here. I mean REALLY HOT. A heat wave has got Germany sweating and panting, and in our little apartment right below the roof, the heat is bounding on unbearable. I actually fled my apartment yesterday and sat around in my parent’s kitchen, as they live in a big old house with extra-thick stone walls, keeping the house’s insides nice and cool.

Getting moving as I wanted yesterday didn’t work quite as well as I wanted it to – I was really, simply suffering from the heat, but also a bad case of moodiness that made me question the world, my point of being, and everything else. Anybody else have those type of days?

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Re-Energize Week Day 3: Get Movin’

Good morning everyone, how have the past days of your personal re-energize week gone? Are you simply following along by reading these posts, or have you tried out any of my ideas of the past two posts?

Yesterday, staying true to my post, I got up early and made myself a delicious peanutbutter dessert shake for breakfast, enjoyed with a crispy, tart green apple, and a soy latté. Strangely enough, I was craving coffee, which I usually only indulge in for lunch, if at all. But, you know, I feel like Re-Energize Week is mostly about listening to your own body, so I had coffee and “dessert”. For breakfast.

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Re-Energize Week Day 2: Rise And Shine

When I was in 5th grade, there was a little nursery rhyme we used to sing at the beginning of the week:

Rise, and shine, and give God the glory – glory,

Rise, and shine, and give God the glory – glory,


Children, of the world.

The capitalized line was usually shouted instead of sung, and, as far as any nursery rhymes go, once you get this one stuck in your head, you can’t unstick it.

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Re-energize Week Day 1: Cut the Alcohol

I’ve mentioned several times last week that I spent 2 weeks working for a vintner, which means I served about a million glasses of wine over the course of those weeks. Part of our staff’s and boss’ ritual is having a glass of wine to round off the evening, and therefore I consumed quite a bit of alcohol these past days. I’m normally not big on drinking, simply because I don’t take it all that well…and I am also not talking huge amounts every night, but the regularity of it just isn’t any good for my skin, liver, or general well-being. Hence Day 1: Cutting the Alcohol!

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Introducing Re-Energize Week

As mentioned in my previous post, I am planning a little something for next week. After working for 2 weeks, I am really not feeling energy-rich, and am really looking forward to being able to focus a little more on my health and well-being next week. To break the pattern of eating at weird hours, overexerting myself and just generally not really taking good care of my body out of sheer pressure, I have made a plan to not only get myself “back on track”, but to find my happy. After all, that’s what this blog is about just as much as about food – to induce my life with more “happy”.

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