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The September Salad: The Ultimate Italian Salad

Today marks a very special day. Well, more like a special month, but either way, it’s special. 11 months ago, I started my “A year of salads” category, and have since posted 11 salad recipes – one for each month. There have been some recipes which you may have approvingly nodded at, as it didn’t seem too far-fetched to combine said ingredients. But I’m sure there have also been those that you raised your eyebrows at, thinking there was no way that would ever taste good. Am I right?

Well, this last salad is most likely one you’ll raise your eyebrows at, as it’s not at all intuitive. I mean, who puts radish and artichokes in the same salad as white beans?

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The Perfect Everyday Salad Dressing

Last night was my boyfriend’s grandma’ birthday, and she wanted to have pizza as a celebration. I guess she gets the world’s coolest grandma award concerning the served food at her party for that, as I can’t in a million years imagine my own grandma serving, let alone ordering pizza for her birthday! Way to stand up for what you belie…uhm…love eating!

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Yummy-And-Quick-Side-Salad And The Art Of Making Salad Dressings

I have shared several salad recipes over the past week, all of which (with the exception of The Simplest Tomato Salad Ever) were rather unusual, and are meant to serve as a main dish. Today, therefore, I’d like to share a yummy and quick recipe for a side salad – or, if you generally need a “basic recipe” for different salad variations, this will serve just fine. Make it according to the description and add whatever toppings you find in your fridge/kitchen: you’ll be surprised at how many new creations you’ll be able to make and how many new variations of salad you will love!

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