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No-bake Vegan Twix Bars

I went grocery shopping at home the other day and met a teacher of mine while waiting in line. I was amazed that she still knew my name – but, then again, her daughter was in the same class as my brother, so I figure it wasn’t such a big deal. And, honestly, if I think of my own pupils I’ve had so far (granted there aren’t quite as many as a full-time teacher would have), I doubt I’ll forget their names any time soon.

Besides sharing the recipe for my all-time favorite remake of a snack, I also want to give you a quick update as to where I’m at in my life. I have no idea how many of you actually find this interesting, but I haven’t shared in a while, so here it goes.

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Peanutbutter Cup Freezer Fudge From Scratch

The first day back at school is a big deal for all kiddos, even if they pretend that it’s not (and rather, kind of a drag). The first day back at school after 5 years, however, is a HUGE deal. And that’s where it’s at today, for me! I am finally starting my teacher’s ed years, and I am beyond psyched, nervous, giddy, happy, proud. Which called for some celebratory cooking…and, as freezer fudge is the next big thing, it seemed logical to prepare it for such a momentous day.

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Nut-Free Healthified Cookie Dough Balls

Okay, I jumped on the bandwagon. Of not only one crazy foody trends, but TWO this week. Dare I tell you what they were? I want you to keep reading until you see the pictures and hear my review of what I made before you write this recipe off, after all. So I guess I’ll start by admitting to making black bean brownies this week…using this wonderful recipe by the Minimalist Baker. The other crazy foody trend I tested, and, used to make this beautiful version of a very unhealthy sweet treat, is…

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My Love For And Version Of Reeses

If I had to pick one type of candy to be the only candy I could consume for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Reeses Peanutbutter Cups. If you’ve never had one, go out and buy some right now! I remember them from my days in Tanzania, because all my American friends would have them at home – it would be the greatest dessert of all if we could split one when I was over at their house. I absolutely adore the mixture of chocolate and peanutbutter, and, seeing as Reeses are rarely sold in Germany, they have been put on a pedestal of rarity and specialness in my head…and, I mean, they just taste amazing!

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Advertisements And Fake Raffaellos

Have you ever seen the Raffaello Advertisement on TV? You know, the one featuring the beautiful, insanely blond woman, wearing a mixture of white swimsuit/dress, laying around in the sun and eating a raffaello, while a couple of (white – obviously) sea gulls kindly sit next to her and watch her. If there has ever been a “most unrealistic” advertisement out there, I’d guess that that’s the one. First of all, what’s with all the white?! I mean, I get that raffaellos are white and everything, but it is possible to overdo it! And, secondly, the seagulls – I mean, really?! Have you ever seen seagulls sitting idly by when you’re eating something?

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Refined-Sugarfree Vegan Bounty Bars That Will Fool You

I am ecstatic. I can’t believe I actually managed to make a lactose-free (and vegan) version of one of my favorite candy bars, and I can’t believe they taste almost exactly, almost better, than the original. I’m sure you could all guess (despite the title) that one of my favorite chocolate bars is the bounty bar! I mean, it’s filled with coconut and everything…and, ever since a couple of years ago, they have a dark chocolate version, which I’ve always prefered. I have always, even before I found out I didn’t do too well with milk, liked the dark, less sweet and therefore more full of pure cacao-flavour, chocolate better than the very sugary milk chocolate.

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